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Tag: WTF

Teen Murders Parents for ‘Taking Away His iPod and Stuff’
Here’s a chilling, sad, and ridiculous story out of Norfolk, Virginia. And otherwise well-balanced high school sophomore has pleaded guilty to t...
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Video: Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos
If the internet had to be summarized in one word, it would be ‘pussy’ – the vulgar slang for a woman’s genitalia and the informal use of the w...
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Gangs of Chihuahuas Invade Arizona Town, Hunt Kids
Satan. Satan with four legs, aka, tiny chihuahuas are causing chaos in the Phoenix suburb of Maryvale, Arizona. Alongside their mega poop parties, fur...
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Teen Stabs Friend 65 Times Over Nude Facebook Selfies
In well-that’s-just-a-horrible-turn-of-events news, a Mexican teen was stabbed 65 times after posting racy photos of herself and her best friend...
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Mitch McConnell Ad Hits YouTube with Duke Championship Footage
A new ad for Senator Mitch McConnell’s reelection campaign hit YouTube today, and it features one of the most egregious errors that a politician...
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Horrific Real Life Emojis Ask a Serious Question
What’s a text without an emoji? Boring, that’s what it is. If I don’t let you know that what I just said comes with a smile, a wink,...
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Casey Anthony Items for Sale on Website
Don’t you hate it when you really want to get your hands on items that were previously owned by infamous killers or people of interest, but don’t ...
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‘2 Drunk 2 Care’: Girl Tweets Ominous Update Hours Before Causing Fatal Car Crash
At approximately 1:45 am this past Sunday, 20-year-old Kayla Mendoza drove onto the Sawgrass Expressway in Broward County, Florida – driving the...
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JPMorgan Scraps Twitter Q&A Over Fiscal Furor
It was a brief idea that lasted all of nine glorious hours: the vice-chairman of US corporate banking giant JPMorgan, Jimmy Lee, announced he would be...
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Man Posts Craigslist Ad Seeking Rape of 11-Year-Old Relative
People use Craigslist for some pretty strange stuff – and a lot of it, while odd and at times off-putting, usually winds up being pretty funny. ...
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Woman Named Cowit Hit a Bunch of Cows While Texting and Driving
In you-couldn’t-possibly-make-up-if-you-tried news, a woman named Daisy Cowit has been charged with a handful of crimes after plowing into a bun...
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Skydiver Planes Collide; Everyone Jumps to Safety
It was supposed to be an exciting weekend until everything went terrifyingly wrong in a split second for two planes, each full of excited skydivers. C...
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Bullet Hits Smartphone, Saves Gas Station Clerk’s Life
A Winter Garden, Florida gas station clerk was shot in the abdomen on Monday morning, and today he is alive after only sustaining minor injuries. He c...
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Man Saves Family From Fire, Goes Back For Beer
Meet Walter Serpit, a man who can’t resist Bud Light’s crisp, clean, refreshing taste. WTVM reported that last Thursday afternoon on 43rd St. in C...
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Halloween Costumes That May Land You in Hot Water
The cold is setting in, hot chocolate is brewing and seducing with its aroma, and pumpkins are being carved for a little pagan festival called Hallo...
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Faking a School Shooting Alert Is an Awfully Dumb Way to Get People to Use Your New Social Network
Today, we all gather to nominate Bevii and this terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad idea into the Dumb Idea Hall-of-Fame. In order to promote their ...
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300LB Probation Officer Kills Jack Russell Terrier
  In one corner you have Antoine Jones; he’s a six-foot tall, 300lb probation officer armed with a handgun. In the other corner, you have Patch...
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911 Operator Laughs at a Woman on Fire [AUDIO]
Imagine that an accident left your car and girlfriend on fire–pretty horrifying, right? Well, apparently it’s more of a laughing matter th...
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Comedian Punches Reporter in the Face After Some Twitter Criticism
To be a standup comedian, one would think that you would have to have a pretty thick skin. Between hecklers, critics, and the occasional drunk audienc...
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Protip: Knocking Boots While Driving Is Not All That Safe [Kind Of NSFW]
Driving is an incredibly complex task that requires the full attention of the one behind the wheel. That’s why state governments are telling peo...
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