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Tag: womens rights

Humanoid Robot ‘Sophia’ Granted Citizenship in Saudi Arabia, Has More Rights Than Nation’s Women
In an unprecedented move, Saudi Arabia announced that it has granted citizenship to a humanoid robot. However, the groundbreaking decision also reaped...
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Cecile Richards Defends Planned Parenthood, Baby-Body-Parts-Transaction Caught On Video
Cecile Richards was not shy when it came to defending her health care organization. The Planned Parenthood chief blasts—in her own words—“milita...
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Taylor Swift, a Self-Proclaimed Feminist, Owes It All to Lena Dunham
Taylor Swift, who now considers herself a staunch feminist, credits Girls creator Lena Dunham for her sudden understanding of the women’s rights...
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Stoned to Death: Pakistani Woman Dies Anachronistically
In late middle school or early high school, we all had a deep-seated fear of stoning placed in us by Shirley Jackson’s short story, “The L...
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Sharia Law Causes Celebrities To Boycott Famed Beverly Hills Hotel
Ellen DeGeneres and Jay Leno are just two of the famous personalities that are boycotting the Beverly Hills Hotel – a Brunei-owned company. On Monda...
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Connie Britton Named Goodwill Ambassador by the UN
Nashville actress Connie Britton was appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Wednesday. Her concentration ...
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Sheryl Sandberg Wants to Ban the Word “Bossy”
Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Facebook, recently became one of the world’s youngest female billionaires. The Harvard alu...
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Mass. Upskirt Photos: Bill to Ban Upskirt Photos Approved
Just one day after the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (MSJC) ruled that upskirt photos are not illegal, a bill Massachusetts lawmakers quickly d...
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Sandra Fluke Is Taking Steps Toward Running For Congress In California
The steps are being taken for Sandra Fluke to run for Congress in the state of California. She is seeking the endorsement from the California state De...
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President Jimmy Carter Writes Book On Women’s Rights
Jimmy Carter’s newest book, he has written many, will not be a biography or a historical piece about his life or presidency, it will be a defens...
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Beyonce Talks Women’s Rights in Column
Singer, actress, designer, and all around likable person. It seems there are many reasons to love Beyonce these days, because some people appreciate h...
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Oklahoma Ultrasound Case: Law Remains Struck Down, along with Reuters and the AP, report that the U.S. Supreme Court declined any review of a 2012 Oklahoma Supreme Court decision to strike ...
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Jane Addams Google Doodle Honors Hull House Founder and Nobel Prize Winner
Today, Google is honoring social activist and Hull House co-founder Jane Addams with a doodle on their homepage. Addams, who was one of the most influ...
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Women-Only City Proposed For Saudi Arabia
For the economic powerhouse that is Saudi Arabia, women are a conundrum. On one hand, the country’s conservative religion precludes women from s...
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Coming in April: No Sex for Anyone
At around 400 BC, Greek women withheld sex to force their husbands to end the Peloponnesian war. At least that’s the story from Lysistrata, the ...
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Saudi Arabian Woman Arrested for Driving a Car [Video]
A 32-year-old Saudi Woman has been arrested for the simple act of driving a car around the city of Khobar. According to the AP Manal al-Sherif, an IT ...
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