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Tag: weight loss

Weight Loss Success Means No More Scales Or Counted Calories?
For many years, weight loss has been a matter of willpower and vigilance. If you wanted a smaller figure it meant practically living on the bathroom s...
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Kelly Osbourne Shows Her Bikini Body On Instagram
Kelly Osbourne recently took a vacation to Australia, and while there she shared a sexy bikini selfie on her personal Instagram account. The picture s...
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Weight Loss: Five Tips To Make It Successful
Almost everyone struggles with weight loss at some point in their life and even if you manage to get the extra weight off, it can be just as hard to k...
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Weight Loss: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Disputes 85-Pound Report
Last February, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie underwent lap band surgery to address his weight problems. The procedure was done quietly, and Chris...
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Weight Loss: Tips To Get Fit This Fall
Fall is in the air and the cool weather makes it easier and more comfortable to be outside and active. If you are ready to get fit this Fall, take adv...
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Weight Loss Aided by Spinach Extract, Shows Study
For decades now advertising has promised to help people lose weight using a variety of products, but none of the pills, diets, or programs have ever p...
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Rob Kardashian Is Fat, And He’s Embarrassed; Kanye West Reaches Out
In the season finale of hit reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the shocking reason behind Rob Kardashian’s absence at his sister’s w...
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Weight Loss Harder For the Poor, Shows Study
As Americans continue to grow larger, the weight loss industry continues to rake in billions of dollars each year. Books, medications, meal programs, ...
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Top Three Healthy Weight Loss Tips
Everyone wants to lose weight, but it is important to do it the healthy way. Crash diets may seem like a great way to lose weight fast, but they can a...
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Kim Kardashian Shares Weight Loss Goals
Kim Kardashian may have a killer figure, but like most women she wants to lose a few pounds and feels like she needs to work on some problem areas. Ki...
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Kristen Cavallari: How She Lost Her Baby Weight
Getting your figure back after having a baby can be difficult and takes a lot of time and work. Kristin Cavallari has had no trouble losing her baby w...
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Corey Harrison of Pawn Stars Drops 192 Pounds
When Pawn Stars celeb Corey Harrison went to see his doctor, he was almost 370 pounds. His doctors gave him a wakeup call when they told him that he w...
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Corey Harrison Of Pawn Stars Loses 192 Pounds
It looks like “Big Hoss” isn’t so big anymore! Corey Harrison of the History Channel’s Pawn Stars recently revealed his dramat...
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Robin Wright Preps for Season 3 of ‘House of Cards’
While season two of Netflix’s House of Cards opened strongly with the viewers – with 670,000 people watching all 13 episodes during its op...
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Jillian Michaels Quits ‘The Biggest Loser’; She Wasn’t Happy With Way Last Season Ended
Exercise buff Jillian Michaels will be leaving ‘The Biggest Loser’ again. NBC made the announcement through a statement. They said, “After helpi...
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Probiotics: Not As Beneficial As You Might Think
Probiotics are the good, positive bacteria inside our bodies that help with digestion. For a bacteria to be considered “probiotic,” there ...
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Weight Loss: Tasty Shake Recipes To Help You Get Fit
Are you trying to lose a few pounds for summer? Weight loss shakes can help. Not only are weight loss shakes healthy and a substitute for unhealthy me...
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Weight Loss: Three Tips For Summer Fitness
Summer is here and many people are still working to lose the weight they gained during fall and winter. The hot weather can make exercising and workin...
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Weight Loss: Diet Drinks Better Than Water?
This study is sure to spark debate among weight loss experts. After years of doctors and nutritionists warning consumers that drinking diet beverages ...
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Weight Loss At Any Age Improves Heart Health, Shows Study
It’s well-known that being overweight, and especially being obese, can bring on severe health complications. This is particularly true for heart...
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