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Weight Loss Trends For The New Year
Weight loss has been a continuous health trend as half of American adults look to lose excess weight.  However, weight loss isn’t something that ca...
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Super Food Trends For 2016: Seaweed Is A Big Deal
Super food has become sort of a background buzzword for those looking to make 2016 the year that they will finally get their health in check. However,...
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Wendy Williams Wows With 50-Pound Weight Loss, TV Host Unveils Her Secret
After a three-year transformation that allowed her to lose about 50 pounds, TV talk show host Wendy Williams has shared with her fans how she did it. ...
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Wendy Williams Told Herself ‘Stop Eating So Much Fatso’
Wendy Williams looks great these days, and she says you can thank the tried and true method of “just not eating so much” for her weight lo...
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Wendy Williams Started Dieting in the First Grade
Wendy Williams has been overweight. Wendy Williams has been thinner. She likes thinner better. The talk show star said recently that her son was perpl...
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Kourtney Kardashian Continues To Drop Baby Weight, Posts New Bathroom Scale Pic
Kourtney Kardashian is proud of the pounds she’s losing and she’s letting the world know. The eldest of the Kardashian sisters posted a photo on I...
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Soleil Moon Frye Rocks a Bikini [Pic]
Soleil Moon Frye is a mommy, and as such she is pretty sensitive to setting a good example for her kids. So when she decided it was time to lose weigh...
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Soliel Moon Frye Of ‘Punky Brewster’ Fame Is Sizzlin’ Hot In A Bikini After Losing 40 Pounds
Actress Soleil Moon Frye shocked everyone with her inspiring weight loss. The mom of three has recently been photographed sporting a bikini after losi...
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Jessica Simpson Shows Off Slim Bod for Christmas [Pics]
Jessica Simpson is back in form. After two pregnancies in which her weight shot up, Simpson has had a storied weight loss experience and is now proudl...
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Weight-Loss Programs For The New Year? Stick With This Tried And True Method
As we approach 2015, many weight-loss programs are due to make millions (if not billions) of dollars. After all, the new year is a time when a number ...
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Weight Loss Programs: Top Three For Women
The holidays are here and for many people, that means struggling with overeating and weight gain. While both men and women can struggle with weight ga...
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Kate Hudson Offers Advice for Getting In Shape — ‘You Have to Work Your Ass Off’
Kate Hudson offered a bit of advice to those who want to get in shape or who want to watch their weight during the holidays, and it’s pretty sim...
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Weight Loss: How To Get Through The Holidays
Losing weight can be difficult any time of year, but especially during the holidays. If you have been trying to get in shape and are nervous about how...
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Weight Loss Counseling Research Needed, Shows Study
As obesity rates in the U.S. continue to climb health researchers have begun to study many different factors that can affect weight. A new study sugge...
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Mark Wahlberg Annoys Michael Bay with Weight Loss
Actor Mark Wahlburg recently shed roughly 60 pounds for a role, and director Michael Bay wasn’t too happy about the new look when it came time f...
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Kris Jenner Opens Up About Rob Kardashian’s Weight Loss Battle
Kris Jenner is always busy and this week has been no different! On Wednesday, Oct. 29, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star appeared on The Dr. Oz...
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Al Sharpton Reveals Secret To His Dramatic Weight Loss: No Dinner
Reverend and civil rights activist Al Sharpton recently weighed in at 129.6 pounds, which is less than half of his previous weight of 305 pounds and o...
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Does Fast Weight Loss Really Work? Four Factors Said To Help Keep Pounds Off
When it comes to weight loss, many dieters want the pounds gone as fast as humanly possible. Standing in the way of this dream has been the long-stand...
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Missy Elliot Unrecognizable After Losing 70 Pounds
Missy Elliot, who hasn’t been seen in public since earlier this summer, was almost unrecognizable as she performed at Alexander Wang’s H&#...
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Weight Loss: Faster Diets Are Good Too, Shows Study
American adults are more obese than ever and still growing larger. It’s a problem that millions struggle with and one that helps make weight los...
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