Weight Loss: Three Tips For Summer Fitness


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Summer is here and many people are still working to lose the weight they gained during fall and winter.

The hot weather can make exercising and working out almost unbearable and on a hot summer day it’s hard to resist a nice cold ice cream cone.

Here are a few tips for summer fitness.

Time Your Workouts
If you like to run, walk or workout outside, time your exercise schedule to work with the cooler parts of the day.

Sure you will burn more calories and fat by sweating in the afternoon, but how likely are you to stick with your workout if you dread the heat?

Work out in the morning or evenings to beat the heat and the bulge.

Watch Out For Frozen Cocktails
If you are on vacation or just relaxing on your patio for the evening, it’s normal to enjoy a frozen cocktail or mixed drink. Avoid drinking too many as they can be full of empty calories that can cause weight gain.

Add a little less fruit juice or cocktail mix to your drinks to dull down the flavor and help you avoid drinking too many. You are more likely to drink more drinks that taste sweet than ones that have an obvious flavor of liquor.

Plan Your Meals
Many people spend their summers grilling out in the backyard, dining out during vacations and trips or attending cookouts at the homes of family members and friends.

Some people manage to eat healthy at these places but others go overboard and regret their food choices.

The best way to avoid overeating in the summer is to plan out your meals or calorie allowance. Write it all down in a notebook and keep the notebook on you at all times.

What are your summer weight loss or fitness tips?

Image via Wikimedia Commons