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The White House Just Responded to the Pardon Edward Snowden Petition – Two Years Later
It only took two years, but the White House has finally gotten around to providing a response to a petition asking for the pardon of NSA whistleblower...
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White House Petition Site We The People Has Seen Over 363,000 Petitions in Three Years
We the People, the White House’s oft-beleaguered but still culturally relevant and surprisingly popular online petition site, just turned three....
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‘Mike Brown Law’ Petition to Make All Cops Wear Cameras Tops White House Threshold
A petition to require all state, county, and local police officers to wear body cameras has blown past the signature threshold on The White House̵...
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Tim Howard National Airport Has a Nice Ring to It, So Do Your Patriotic Duty and Sign This Petition
It’s the morning after a USA World Cup loss so you’re understandably a bit depressed. It was such a good run and we came so close to someh...
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White House Makes It Easier to Sign Petitions
The White House’s online petition site We The People, despite its many flaws and shortcomings, is pretty damn popular. According to the White Ho...
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Deport Justin Bieber Petition Gets a Non-Response Response
It took the White House nearly three months to respond to one of the most popular petitions to ever hit the We The People online petition site–and t...
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Comedian Petitions Obama to Formally Label Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni a ‘Ding-Dong-Boob-Poopy’
Comedian Eugene Mirman has pretty solid proposal for how President Obama should handle Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni. He should publicly call him ...
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The Deport Justin Bieber White House Petition Tops 100,000 Signatures
Over one hundred thousand people want Canadian pop star Justin Bieber to go back to Canada. Well, not exactly “go back” on his own volitio...
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6-Year-Old Tries to Save NASA with White House Petition
With NASA budget cuts looming, one 6-year-old kid is taking as direct a route as he can to ask President Obama to save the nation’s space progra...
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Default Porn-Blocking Is Your Hilarious White House Petition of the Day
It’s been a while since I’ve looked at We The People, the U.S. Government’s online petition site that’s, well, whatever is wor...
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The White House Is Ignoring a Bunch of Petitions, and This Site Tracks Them
There’s a new single-serving site that lets you know which We The People online petitions the White House is ignoring. Since the We The People s...
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Petition Asks Obama to Recreate Frozone Scene from The Incredibles
The White House’s We The People online petition site is a truly wonderful place. Not because it gives citizens the ability to voice legitimate c...
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Do The Privacy Implications Of Google Glass Scare You?
Google Glass has some people spooked. They think that Glass turns those who wear the technology into a surveillance cyborg. Now some groups are callin...
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White House Finally Responds To CISPA Petition, Says Cybersecurity Legislation Must Respect Privacy
CISPA is all but dead once again, and the Senate is moving ahead with its own cybersecurity legislation. That doesn’t mean the fight is over tho...
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White House Announces Second ‘We The People’ Hackathon
The White House has just announced its second National Day of Civic Hacking, to take place at the White House. It will take place on June 1st. “...
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Another Star Wars Petition Hits White House Site, This Time Calling for National R2-D2 Day
Over the half year or so that the White House has been operating their We The People online petition site, we’ve seen that it can be used in a v...
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Petition to Force Congress to Wear NASCAR-Style Suits with Corporate Logos Gains Steam
Ever since the White House changed the rules on their We The People petition site, forcing petitions to reach the 100,000-signature threshold before w...
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Google Reader Shutdown Prompts Plethora of Petitions
As you may have heard, Google has just announced that they are closing the doors on their 8-year-old RSS aggregator Google Reader. The company cites d...
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Anti-CISPA White House Petition Crosses 100,000 Signature Threshold
After CISPA returned in February, privacy advocates started a “We The People” petition asking the White House to stand against the controv...
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Hate Daylight Saving Time? Here’s a Petition for You
If you woke up this morning in a haze and needed an extra cup or four of coffee to get going, you can probably blame Daylight Saving Time. Or your han...
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