Comedian Petitions Obama to Formally Label Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni a 'Ding-Dong-Boob-Poopy'

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Comedian Eugene Mirman has pretty solid proposal for how President Obama should handle Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

He should publicly call him a "ding-dong-boob-poopy."

Oh yeah, and then he should spend a little bit of time trying to convince the controversial leader to off himself.

It's all right there in an official petition on the White House's We The People online petition site called "Tell Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni that he is a Ding-Dong-Boob-Poopy and request he kill himself." There you go.

Of course, Yoweri Museveni is in fact a ding dong boob poopy–so the petition has that going for it. The Ugandan President recently signed morally bankrupt legislation that imposes incredibly harsh punishments for homosexual behavior in his country.

"We are disgusted by Uganda's backwards, human rights betraying anti-gay law that passed recently. Knowing that it is not appropriate for the President to swear in front of children on television (even HBO), we ask that Barack Obama calls Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni a 'ding-dong-boob-poopy' over and over and then sincerely for five to ten minutes, tries to convince him to commit suicide. We'd then like Obama to sternly request that everyone involved with passage of that law puts "their ding-dongs into their own hoo-hoos for up to forty-five minutes," says petition creator, E.M. of Brooklyn.

The White House petition site doesn't post full names of petitioners, but we're pretty confident that Mirman is behind this one.

Ok, fully confident.

Mirman had tried a similar petition earlier, one asking Obama to tell Uganda to go fuck itself. That one was unfortunately removed.

The new petition would have to hit the 100,000 signature threshold to garner an official response from the administration. It still has a long way to go with just over 200 signatures. But if this petition can get over 263,000 signatures, well, anything is possible.

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