Petition Asks Obama to Recreate Frozone Scene from The Incredibles

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The White House's We The People online petition site is a truly wonderful place. Not because it gives citizens the ability to voice legitimate concerns and possibly help to enact real change. No, we know that's not what's happening.

It's great because anyone (who signs up) can create their own petition. Couple this with the relatively low signature threshold for petitions to appear on the site and what you get is a hodgepodge of requests - both serious and not-so-serious.

It's the not-so-serious that grabbed my attention today.

You see, we've often highlighted some of the sillier White House petitions to grace the site over the last couple of years. For instance, that time someone petitioned the Obama administration to make R. Kelly's "Ignition (Remix)" the national anthem. Or that time people wanted the White House to build our own functioning Death Star (they even responded to that one). Remember all of those wacky secession petitions? Classic.

Well, a recent petition is now my new favorite. Ladies and Gents, may I submit for your consideration: "Have Obama re-enact the scene from The Incredibles where Frozone is looking for his supersuit."

We all like The Incredibles. I'm sure the President does too. The world would be complete by having Barack and Michelle re-enact this famous scene.

Indeed. Is this ridiculous? Absolutely. Just slightly inappropriate? I don't know, I'm sure it could be construed that way. Would we all like to see it? You bet your sweet ass we would.

The petition only has 5,100 signatures, but it garnered those in just 48 hours. If it can get 100,000 total signatures by July 15th, well, the administration will have to respond.

Is this a poor use of the process? Of course it is. But apparently the people want it. Look - this is from 6 months ago:

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