Lays Off 4,000 Employees Without Telling Them continues to be the poster child for HR screw-ups, laying off 4,000 employees who only found out when their termination checks arrived. Preparing to Lay Off Another 4,000 Employees is preparing to lay off an additional 4,000 employees, just months after its CEO infamously laid off 900 in a group Zoom call. Executive Exit Continues Over Vishal Garg’s Return’s board of directors may have welcomed back CEO Vishal Garg, but his return has caused even more top execs to leave. CEO Returns — Much to Employees’ Chagrin

Vishal Garg, the CEO that laid off 900 workers via Zoom, is back after taking a leave of absence amid the backlash.

Better CEO Taking Time Off In Wake of Mass Zoom Firing’s board of directors has announced CEO Vishal Garg is “taking time off effective immediately” in the wake of laying off 900 people via Zoom.

Do Better? CEO Apologizes for 900 Employee Zoom Layoff CEO Vishal Garg has learned firsthand how he can do better in the future: Don’t do a mass layoff of 900 employees in a Zoom meeting.