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Tag: video streaming

Your Next Streaming Service: Salesforce
Salesforce is preparing to enter the video streaming market, a major departure from its current CRM and enterprise offerings....
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WSJ: Quibi For Sale
Mobile streaming platform Quibi is looking to be acquired or otherwise strategically restructure ownership according to the Wall Street Journal....
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Netflix Must Create Ad Model or Raise Prices
Netflix announced that their original movie ‘Bird Box’ generated over 45 million streams in just the first week making it the best first 7 days ev...
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Why You Should Consider Launching Your Product on Facebook Live (And How to Do It)
People love to watch other people do stuff; it's ingrained in our DNA. It's why most of us enjoy people watching in the park or going to the latest bl...
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YouTube Memo Explains How Offline Videos Will Work
YouTube announced yesterday that mobile users will be able to download videos for offline viewing come November. In the announcement, YouTube didnR...
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Google Has A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation For Why It Killed That Chromecast App
We learned yesterday that Google killed a third-party streaming app for Chromecast called AllCast. Koushik Dutta built the app so that he could stream...
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Commerce Department Recommends Congress Bring Back A Part Of SOPA
I think we can all agree that SOPA was no good. The legislation would have done extensive damage to the Internet and free speech all in the name of st...
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PlayStation Network to Get Epix App
Sony today announced that content from video-on-demand service Epix will soon be added to the PlayStation Network. The deal between Sony and Epix will...
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PlayStation 3 is the Most-Used Netflix Streaming Device
Netflix and Sony today announced that the PlayStation 3 now has more people streaming Netflix content than any other device. The statistic take in to ...
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Verizon’s Viewdini Android App Tells You What’s On Netflix
Mobile video is awesome, right? It’s great to be able to watch Netflix, YouTube and everything else all from the comfort of your mobile phone. Y...
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Are Data Caps Bad, Or Are They Justifiable?
How do you feel about data caps? I think it’s safe to assume that most people aren’t in favor of them, which is why many public interest groups ar...
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Hulu Owners Committed To Selling
It’s no secret that Hulu owners are eager to sale the popular TV and movie streaming service. Sadly, they’re main focus is getting the top...
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