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Tag: US Government

US Retail Giant Wal-Mart Admits Dependence On Food Stamps To Keep Margins Up
Wal-mart Stores, Inc. declared an interesting factor in their bottom line when they filed their Form 10-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission ...
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The TSA Found 1,477 Loaded Guns in Carry-Ons Last Year
Most government agencies are controversial. Chances are good that if you just start throwing out letters – EPA! IRS! DHS! – you’ll t...
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‘F*ck You Congress’ Is the Single-Purpose Site We All Need Right Now
As the gears continue to sit, idle, at our nation’s capital – you probably feel powerless. And right now, you are. There’s a log jam...
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Drunk Dial a Random Member of Congress and Tell Them You Want to Watch the Damn Panda Cam
As the government shutdown continues, you should take a break from continually drunk dialing your ex and instead, drunk dial a member of Congress. A n...
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Janet Yellen Nominated to Lead Federal Reserve
As expected, President Obama announced Wednesday that he would be nominating Fed vice chairwoman Janet Yellen to lead the Federal Reserve. She would r...
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Popular Government Shutdown Tweet Gets a House Floor Reading
Sometimes, it takes a Twitter user to perfectly sum up exactly what’s going on in Washington right now. And sometimes, that internet voice makes...
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Government Shutdown, As Told by Twitter’s Funniest
So, it happened. The government shut down. Although many government-run sites are now down for the count, it’s a good thing we still have the no...
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The White House Is Ignoring a Bunch of Petitions, and This Site Tracks Them
There’s a new single-serving site that lets you know which We The People online petitions the White House is ignoring. Since the We The People s...
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Michele Bachmann Retiring from Congress, Announces Via YouTube
Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann will not seek a fifth term in Congress representing the state’s 6th district, as she made an official anno...
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Google Reports Rise in Government Removal Requests
Google has released the data from July to December of last year inside their Transparency Report, and they’ve been busier than ever. Google says...
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Petition to Force Congress to Wear NASCAR-Style Suits with Corporate Logos Gains Steam
Ever since the White House changed the rules on their We The People petition site, forcing petitions to reach the 100,000-signature threshold before w...
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New Audio Series Shows What It’s Like ‘Being Biden’
The White House is launching a new audio series, powered by SoundCloud, that takes you into the daily life of the man behind the most powerful man in ...
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Rand Paul’s Filibuster Nets Him 40,000+ Twitter Followers
On Wednesday (and into early Thursday), Kentucky Junior Senator Rand Paul led a 13-hour filibuster – the old-fashioned “talk until you can...
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Google Now Includes National Security Requests in Its Transparency Report, But It’s Really Unspecific
Google has added another metric to its Transparency Report so users can identify one more manner in which the government is requesting their informati...
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Congressman Vines the Submission of His First Bill
For a U.S. Congressperson, simply using Twitter or Facebook (or even Instagram) to detail their daily activities to the American public is so yesterda...
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#OpLastResort Is Anonymous’ Latest Fight Against U.S. Government
Ever since the death of Aaron Swartz, hacktivist collective Anonymous has been on the warpath against those it blames for his death. MIT’s Web s...
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Kim Dotcom Says Many MegaUpload Users Are From US Government
When MegaUpload went down in January, there were complaints from many legitimate users of the site saying that their personal files, including files f...
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