CES 2021: Verizon’s Skyward and UPS Collaborating On Drone Deliveries

Verizon used CES 2021 to announce its Skyward drone company will be collaborating with UPS Flight Forward for retail deliveries.

Get Ready For Amazon Prime Drone Deliveries

Amazon’s plans to use autonomous drones for package delivery took a big step forward with FAA approval to begin testing.

GM Planning Business-Class Electric Van

GM is planning on entering the business-class electric van market, with production scheduled to begin in the latter part of 2021.

UPS Ups the Ante On Weekend Deliveries

Just a week after FedEx Ground announced it would offer Sunday deliveries, UPS said it plans to more than double its weekend deliveries in 2020, according to Reuters. As Reuters points out, UPS “pioneered seven-day delivery in 2013, in partnership…

Ecommerce is a Lot More Than Just Amazon, Says UPS CEO

Ecommerce is a lot more than just Amazon, says UPS CEO David Abney at the Davos 2019 conference. Abney says that their focus is really on helping small and midsize businesses compete with the bigger players by enabling them to offer two-day shipping.

Include These Types Of Content In Your Business App To Get More Sales

People are spending more and more time with mobile apps, and that includes those that let them buy things. The problem for businesses hoping to break into that increasing app usage is that the number of apps people are using…

More UPS Stores Are Getting 3D Printers

UPS says its 3D printing pilot program has gone swimmingly, and because of that it’ll soon introduce 3D printing in 100 additional UPS stores nationwide. “We are committed to offering small business owners, entrepreneurs and consumers high-tech solutions in order…

UPS Stores Fall Victim to Data Breach

UPS has notified UPS Store customers that their information may have been compromised thanks to a malware attack that affected 51 retail locations across the country. After being notified by a government bulletin on a ‘broad-based malware intrusion’, UPS identified…

Amazon Working on Its Own Delivery Service for That ‘Last Mile’

It appears that Amazon is sick and tired of relying on UPS and FedEx to get packages to customers, and they are looking to take control of the situation–or at least do a little bit of the work themselves. The…

UPS Is Reportedly Testing Drones Too

You’ve no doubt heard all about Amazon’s drones by now. Just in case you haven’t, the company introduced an ambitious new project called Amazon Prime Air, which delivers goods to people’s homes via drone. As soon as the FAA sets…