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Corellium Successfully Runs Ubuntu Linux on M1 Mac
Corellium has announced it has Ubuntu Linux running on an M1 Mac, in what is described as a “completely usable” experience....
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Flutter Can Now Be Used to Create Ubuntu Linux Apps
Canonical and Google have partnered to add Linux as one of the target platforms for the Flutter framework....
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Canonical Announces Anbox Cloud: ‘Scalable Android In The Cloud’
Canonical, the makers of the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution, have announced the release of Anbox Cloud, a “scalable android in the cloud” platf...
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Percona XtraDB Cluster, Toolkit For MySQL and XtraBackup Included In Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Percona recently announced that Percona XtraDB Cluster, Percona Toolkit for MySQL, and Percona XtraBackup are now included in the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Lo...
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Ubuntu Touch Finally Has Hardware Partners
Last year, Canonical unveiled its plan to upend the mobile industry with Ubuntu Touch. The mobile friendly version of Linux already runs on a wide var...
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Ubuntu 13.10 Is Now Available, Supports Nexus Devices
In February, Canonical announced that Ubuntu would make its way to mobile devices in October. Since then, it’s been a crazy year for the Linux-d...
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Ubuntu Edge Doesn’t Reach $32 Million In Funding, Canonical Remains Optimistic
The Ubuntu Edge was a highly ambitious smartphone with an equally ambitious Indiegogo campaign. Canonical hoped to raise $32 million in a month to fun...
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Ubuntu Wants $32 Million To Make A Smartphone
Ubuntu announced earlier this year that it was bringing its unique flavor of Linux to smartphones and tablets. At the time, it said that it was workin...
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Ubuntu Developer Preview Coming To More Android Devices
Last week, Canonical released the Ubuntu Developer Preview for Google’s most recent Nexus devices. Developers immediately got to work and began ...
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Canonical Is Bringing Ubuntu To Tablets
Ubuntu is set to take the world by storm this year by coming to smartphones, smart TVs and more desktops than ever before. Now it’s time for Ubu...
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Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 Get Ubuntu Developer Preview On February 21
Canonical announced last week that Ubuntu Mobile would be launching across certain markets in October. The company didn’t say if the U.S. would ...
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Steam For Linux Out Of Beta, Celebrated With Sale
For the past few months, Valve has been testing its Steam client on Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distribution. During that beta period, many of the ...
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The Ubuntu Smartphone Launches In October
2013 is the year of the truly open smartphone. Android kind of fits the bill, but some OEMs lock down their devices. Instead, this year will see the l...
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Linux Might Get Microsoft Office In 2014 [Rumor]
After years of being ignored by major software vendors, Linux is starting to get the attention and respect it deserves. The open source OS has already...
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Linux Fans Rejoice: Ubuntu Smartphones Are Coming This Year
Back in November, it was announced that Ubuntu would be coming to Android phones. The app would allow any Android phone to be turned into a mini-PC wh...
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Your Next Android Phone May Come With An Ubuntu PC
Android is pretty versatile as far as operating systems go. It can be a lot of things, but we still haven’t seen Android take on the PC space in...
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Valve Prepares Steam’d Penguins For Linux Gamers
We brought you word a few months ago that Valve was bringing their popular digital game delivery service, Steam, to Linux. The news came from Michael ...
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Goobuntu: When Google Makes Its Own Ubuntu
Before Linux started to invade every facet of our lives while displaying its majesty to the everyday user, it was an operating system that developers ...
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Ubuntu 12.04 Beta: Canonical’s New Linux Desktop
At first, when Unity (Gnome’s replacement in Ubuntu 11x) came to fruition, I could not stand it. I had been used to Gnome being standard in all ...
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CES 2012: Ubuntu TV Coming Soon
Ubuntu, usually known for being the most popular implementation of the open-source Linux operating system, is getting into the TV business. Canonical,...
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