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TikTok Adds Family Pairing to Help Protect Children
TikTok has launched Family Pairing, a new feature designed to give parents more control over their children’s accounts....
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TikTok Releases Transparency Report In Effort To Quell Concerns
TikTok has released its first ever transparency report amid increasing scrutiny related to privacy and censorship, according to NBC News. TikTok has b...
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Twitter’s Political Contributions and Lobbying Efforts Detailed on New Transparency Page
Twitter says its political involvement amounts to fighting for users’ rights and things like freedom of expression, Internet freedom, privacy, o...
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Twitter Kills Sites Across the World That Archived Politicians’ Deleted Tweets
One of the biggest operations for preserving politicians’ deleted tweets has been shut down. The Open State Foundation say that Twitter has cut ...
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Twitter Says Government Data Requests Way Up
Twitter’s new transparency report is out, and the trend continues. Government requests for user data and content removal are on the rise. “...
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Yes, Your Google Hangouts Can Be Wiretapped
Google encrypts your Hangouts conversations, but it doesn’t use end-to-end encryption. This means that Google can wiretap your Hangouts at the g...
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Google’s ‘Transparency’ Under Fire Again
Google’s transparency is being called into question again in light of mixed messages it’s been sending webmasters about its two most famou...
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Twitter: Government Info Requests on the Rise, Up 40% Worldwide
Twitter’s latest transparency report is out, and the numbers of governmental requests – both for user info and for content removal – are way...
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Reddit Has Never Received a National Security Letter
Reddit has just released its first ever transparency report, detailing governmental requests for user information, content removal requests, and more....
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WikiLeaks Blasts Google For Giving FBI Personal Data, Delaying Notification
Google reportedly delayed by two and a half years disclosure to WikiLeaks that it gave emails and other data from three of its staff to the FBI. This ...
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Facebook Says Government Data Requests Up 24%
It’s Election Day in the US, and Facebook is reminding everyone to vote with a giant banner at the top of the news feed which asks people to sha...
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This Guy Says Google Took Away $46K In AdSense Earnings, And He Doesn’t Know Why
It’s not uncommon to hear about an over-dependence on Google costing people big money. There have been plenty of tales of businesses losing all ...
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Twitter Would Like to Be More Transparent, If They Could
Twitter has just released their fifth-ever transparency report, and it shows that requests for user data, content removal, and copyright takedowns are...
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Google Can Finally Publish FISA Request Numbers
For a few years now, Google has been publishing a bi-annual transparency report to let us know how many times governments around the world have petiti...
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Is Google Being Transparent Enough?
Many would say that Google has become more transparent over the years. It gives users, businesses and webmasters access to a lot more information abou...
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Google Once Again Pushes For Transparency When Dealing With Federal Data Requests
Does Google hand over your private information to the feds? The company says it doesn’t, but it can’t prove this because of gag orders pla...
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Microsoft Says The Government Isn’t Doing Enough To Promote Transparency
In late June, Google and Microsoft both filed suit with the FISA court demanding that the government let them publish the number of federal data reque...
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Facebook Releases Transparency Report, U.S. Government Made 12,000 Requests For Data
When PRISM was leaked in early June, Facebook was one of the first companies citied in the report to deny any involvement with the program. The revela...
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Google Adds Data on Unsafe Websites to Transparency Report
Google is adding a new section to its online Transparency Report, which currently documents data requests from the government, content removal request...
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Google Says It Has A First Amendment Right To Release NSA Data Request Numbers
UDPATE: It was revealed Wednesday that Microsoft has also filed a motion claiming a First Amendment right to publish federal data request numbers. Ori...
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