T-Mobile Beating Rivals in Workforce Diversity

In addition to leading its rivals in 5G, T-Mobile also has the most diverse workforce among the major US carriers.

Virgin Galactic Grounding While FAA Investigates

Richard Branson made headlines when he flew to the edge of space, but Virgin Galactic is now grounded over a flight path deviation.

Kaseya Had a History of Security Issues Before Ransomware Attack

Software firm Kaseya had a history of security issues long before the latest one that allowed the biggest ransomware attack in history to occur.

Supreme Court Upholds FCC Local Media Regulation

The Supreme Court has unanimously upheld the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) decision to ease local media ownership rules.

France Decides Not to Ban Huawei, But Will Favor European Companies

France has announced it will not ban Huawei from its networks, unlike the US and its closest allies.

The Company That Can End Privacy Just Ran Afoul of Twitter

Clearview AI, the company that made headlines last week for potentially ending privacy as we know it, has incurred the wrath of Twitter, according to The Seattle Times. New York Times journalist Kashmir Hill first reported on Clearview AI, a…