Charges Against Dan Price Dismissed

Assault charges against Gravity Payments founder and former CEO Dan Price have been dismissed.

Laid-Off Workers Being Recruited to Their Former Companies As Contractors

In a case of adding insult to injury, tech workers are being recruited to work for the very companies that laid them off, but this time as contractors.

Meta Poised for Biggest Layoffs in Its History

Meta is reportedly poised to lay off the largest number of employees in company history, beginning this week.

Nokia’s Fortunes Rebound on Strong Q3 Results

Nokia turned in strong Q3 results, buoyed by 5G equipment sales, giving the company a much-needed boost.

Microsoft’s AR Ambition Meets Reality as US Soldiers Experience Nausea and Headaches

Microsoft’s AR goggle test program with the US Army has hit some bumps, with soldiers reporting headaches and nausea.

LA School Systems Refuses to Pay Ransom, Hackers Release Data

Hackers followed through on their threats, releasing private information after the LA School system refused to pay a ransom.

Privacy Advocates Want Stronger Data Rules For Mobile Providers

Privacy advocates are pushing for stricter rules about how mobile carriers handle users’ wireless data.

DOJ Snags Former Microsoft Economist as Its Top Antitrust Economist

The Department of Justice has brought on Susan Athey, Stanford University professor and former Microsoft economist, as the agency ramps up its antitrust efforts.

Amazon Working On Its Largest-Ever Warehouse in California

California is about to be home to Amazon’s largest warehouse yet, one coming in at nearly 4.1 million square feet.

Microsoft Doubles Salary Budget, Increases Stock Compensation by 25%

As expected, Microsoft has unveiled sweeping changes to its employee compensation, doubling its salary budget and boosting stock compensation by 25% for some.