Top Tech Firms Backing Groups Fighting Climate Legislation

Despite their stated support for efforts to combat climate change, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Disney support groups fighting such legislation.

LAPD Collects Everyone’s Social Media Data and Social Security Numbers

The LAPD has instructed officers to collect social media data and social security numbers on everyone they stop.

Huawei Could Monitor Calls on One of the Largest Dutch Wireless Networks

Huawei is facing accusations that it had the access and ability to monitor all the calls made on KPN’s wireless network, one of the largest in the Netherlands.

Electric Vehicles Nearing Adoption Tipping Point

Electric vehicles are approaching the tipping point of mass adoption thanks to a combination of factors.

China Looking to Expand Weather Control, Cover Half the Country by 2025

China is looking to expand its weather control program, making it possible to trigger artificial rain or snowfall in over half the country by 2025.

British Government May Be Moving Closer to Huawei U-Turn

The British government may be moving closer to reversing its decision to include Huawei in its 5G rollout.

Facebook Bans ‘Deepfake’ Videos, But Not ‘Shallow Fakes’

The Guardian is reporting that Facebook has banned “deepfake” videos in preparation for the U.S. election. Deepfake videos use AI to manipulate a video to make it appear something is happening that’s really not. For example, a deepfake video may…

Vladimir Putin Still Using (Long) Unsupported Windows XP

One would expect a former KGB officer to use the latest and greatest when it comes to computer security. Evidently, Vladimir Putin disagrees, as he is still relying on Windows XP, according to The Guardian. According to the story, “Putin,…

Chelsea Manning Will Receive Hormone Therapy Following Suit

Chelsea Manning, the Wikileaks leaker formerly known as Bradley Manning, is finally getting the hormone treatments she’s been demanding for months. In September of last year Manning sued the US Department of Defense, claiming she had been “denied access to…

Chelsea Manning to Write Columns for The Guardian

Chelsea Manning, the Wikileaks leaker formerly known as Bradley Manning who was recently sentenced to 35 years in prison, has joined The Guardian US as a contributor. The Guardian US’ editor-in-chief says that Manning will write on “war, gender, and…