Verizon and Huawei Settle Patent Dispute

Verizon and Huawei have settled their patent dispute, ending litigation between the largest US wireless carrier and one of the largest equipment providers.

Microsoft Unlocks Power Of 5G For Telecommunications

Jason Zander of Microsoft Azure, announces new collaborations with the telecommunications industry that will unlock the power of 5G.

CME Event Could Look Like Start Of World War 3

Science YouTube star Anton Petrov tells us in his latest video that we should all be very worried about a massive geomagnetic storm that will definitely happen in our lifetimes.

UK Will Include Huawei in a Limited 5G Role

Defying pressure from the U.S. and Conservative MPs, the UK has refused to ban Huawei, opting to include it in a limited role, according to BBC News. Amidst ongoing allegations that Huawei exposes governments and corporations to spying by the…

Ericsson CEO Says His Company Has ‘No One Ahead Of Us’ In 5G Tech

In an interview with CNBC, Ericsson CEO Borje Ekholm countered claims that his company is behind Huawei in 5G, or that it’s getting a free ride due to security concerns about the Chinese company. “First, this whole notion that we…

Huawei In Talks to License 5G Tech to U.S. Companies

Huawei may have found a way around a ban on exporting its equipment to the U.S. that went into effect in May 2019. According to Reuters, the telecommunications equipment company is in talks to license its 5G tech to U.S.…

VMware CEO: Why Can’t We Build the Telco Network Like the Clouds?

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger suggests that with the advent of 5G the telco network should be built like the clouds. “Why can’t we build the telco network like the clouds have been built for with scalability, flexibility, efficiency, and agility?” says Gelsinger.

Motorola Solutions CEO: We Want a Level Playing Field in China Where IP is Not Stolen

Motorola Solutions CEO Greg Brown explains how China went from a great business opportunity in the mid-1980s to an intellectual property stealing concern following their acceptance into the WTO in 2001.

Sprint, T-Mobile Hit a Stone Wall in Merger Plans

Merger negotiations between Sprint and T-Mobile have hit a stone wall again, with the former’s parent company, Softbank, apparently ready to walk away from the table. The news came as a surprise as the merger was expected to be formally…

Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Could Happen in October

The U.S. telecommunications landscape is about to drastically change once more. If rumors are correct, Sprint and T-Mobile, two of the country’s largest telecommunications players could merge by October this year. Of course, talks of T-Mobile merging with Sprint have…

Cisco Announces Yet Another Acquisition: BroadHop

Cisco announced today that it intends to acquire BroadHop, a provider of policy control and service management technology for carrier networks. “With global IP traffic projected to increase threefold over the next five years – after having increased eightfold over…

Vonage Co-Founder on the Social Revolution

I think we can all agree that the world is in the midst of a social media revolution. Social media not only plays an integral role in our personal lives, but it is also a critical component in our professional environments.

FCC Launches Consumer Help Website

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has launched a Consumer Help Center website aimed at providing people with a variety of information.

The Consumer Help Center allows people to learn about different issues in telecommunications, find out what’s going on at the FCC, get tips for making choices for purchasing communication devices and services, file comments on issues and file complaints to report problems.