General Dynamics, T-Mobile, AWS, Others Form 5G and Edge Coalition

General Dynamics, T-Mobile, AWS, Cisco, Dell Technologies, and Splunk have formed a coalition to accelerate 5G and edge adoption.

T-Mobile Expands 5G Home Internet to 6 Million Midwest Households

T-Mobile announced a major expansion of its 5G Home Internet, covering an additional 6 million households in the Midwest.

T-Mobile May Build Out a Fiber Internet Service

T-Mobile may be preparing to expand its Home Internet service, this time in the form of a major fiber investment.

Higher Prices Driving Verizon Customers Away

Verizon has the dubious distinction of being the only one of the top three wireless carriers to be losing customers.

T-Mobile Expanding $35 Activation Fee to Almost Every Transaction

T-Mobile is making a big money grab, making its $35 activation unavoidable and expanding it to almost every transaction.

T-Mobile & YouTube TV Partnership = Poor Customer Experience

T-Mobile opted to back YouTube TV (YTTV) when it ended its own TVision streaming service, but customers are being left in the cold.

T-Mobile Lands US Exclusive for OnePlus 10T

T-Mobile will be the exclusive US carrier for the all-new OnePlut 10T.

T-Mobile Tops J.D. Power Study for Wireless Customer Care for 10th Consecutive Time

T-Mobile has taken the top honors in J.D. Power’s 022 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Mobile Network Operator Performance Study – Volume 2 for the 10th consecutive time.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Adds 64 New Cities in US Northeast

T-Mobile continues to expand its 5G Home Internet service, adding coverage for 64 new cities and towns in the US Northeast.

T-Mobile Is the Big Winner of the FCC’s Latest Spectrum Auction

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has concluded another spectrum auction, and T-Mobile was the hands-down winner.

Users Can Test Drive T-Mobile’s Network for Free for Three Months

T-Mobile is upping the ante once again, giving users the ability to test its network for free for up to three months.

T-Mobile Partners With SpaceX to Provide Coast-to-Coast Coverage

T-Mobile and SpaceX are working together to take coverage to the next level, leveraging SpaceX’s Starlink service and T-Mobile’s 5G.

T-Mobile Posts Major Subscriber Growth on Cheaper Plans

T-Mobile released its Q2 2022 results, turning in huge subscriber growth as a result of cheaper plans.

T-Mobile Agrees to $350 Million Settlement Data Breach

T-Mobile has agreed to a $350 million settlement over a data breach in 2021 that impacted some 76 million US individuals.

T-Mobile Teams Up With Apple to Introduce Wireless Plan for Small Businesses

T-Mobile and Apple are joining forces to offer a wireless plan that combines T-Mobile’s 5G and Apple’s Business Essentials.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Covers An Additional 5 Million Homes

T-Mobile has added coverage for approximately 5 million homes for its 5G Home Internet in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

T‑Mobile’s Targets the Enterprise with 5G Advanced Network Solutions

T-Mobile is looking to leverage the power of its 5G network to help enterprises capitalize on the troves of data they collect.

Dish Bleeding Phone & TV Customers, Promises Major 5G Expansion

Dish Network’s 5G ambitions are off to an ignominious start, with the company losing hundreds of thousands of phone customers, while still promising a major 5G expansion.

T-Mobile’s 5G Network Fuels Record Quarter

T-Mobile delivered another stellar quarter, setting a Q1 record and leading the industry in key areas.

Sprint CDMA Gets Another Brief Lease on Life

T-Mobile is expending its shutdown date for Sprint’s CDMA network, giving devices reliant on it a brief lease on life.