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Tag: Supreme Court

Supreme Court Kills Apple’s Attempt to Overturn Qualcomm’s Patents
The United States Supreme Court has killed Apple’s efforts to overturn Qualcomm’s patents, ending the iPhone maker’s long-standing legal battle....
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Rein In Big Tech? Maybe Not, Thanks to the Supreme Court
Efforts to rein in Big Tech in the US may face new hurdles, thanks to a ruling by the Supreme Court....
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US Supreme Court Sides With Google Over Oracle
The US Supreme Court has handed Google a decisive victory in its decade-long battle with Oracle over the Android operating system (OS)....
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Supreme Court Upholds FCC Local Media Regulation
The Supreme Court has unanimously upheld the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) decision to ease local media ownership rules....
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IRS Under Investigation For Illegally Tracking Americans via Their Phones
The IRS is under investigation by the US Treasury's Inspector General for purchasing smartphone data to illegally track Americans....
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T-Mobile Takes On Robocalls, Unveils Scam Shield
T-Mobile has unveiled Scam Shield as part of its latest Un-carrier Move, taking on robocalls and scams....
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Supreme Court Strengthens Anti-Robocalling Laws
Consumers tired of robocalls can breath a sigh of relief, as the Supreme Court has shored up a law banning the practice....
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Border Agents Need Reasonable Suspicion To Search Phones and Computers At The Border
For years, Unites States borders have been a legal no-man’s-land where laws and rights citizens take for granted don’t always apply. Case in point...
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ObamaCare’s Birth Control Mandate Divides Supreme Court
The issue of ObamaCare’s birth control policy is currently dividing the Supreme Court. The conflict revolves around a religious nonprofit objection ...
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Michael Savage Suspects Foul Play In Death Of Justice Scalia, Radio Host Invites Donald Trump To Share His Thoughts
National radio host Michael Savage called for a serious federal investigation concerning the tragic and sudden death of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Ass...
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Kim Davis Charge of Official Misconduct Sent to Attorney General
Kim Davis may have reached the end of her rope. Now we’ll see if she decides to do her job, walk away from that job, or risk arrest and impeachm...
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YouTube Celebrates Marriage Equality With #ProudToLove Video
In one of the most landmark supreme court decisions the country has seen in quite sometime, nine five court justices decided to make it unconstitution...
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Marriage Equality Is Good for Business, Facebook, Apple, Google, and More Tell Supreme Court
Bans on same-sex marriage are bad for business. That’s the message of a new amicus brief filed in the US Supreme Court. The brief is signed by m...
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OJ Simpson Files Appeal For His Jail Release With Nevada Supreme Court
The fate of OJ Simpson now lies with the Nevada Supreme Court after the football star’s lawyers filed an appeal to get him released from jail. Simps...
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Sonia Sotomayor Rips Court a New One
The dust from the “Hobby Lobby” ruling at the Supreme Court has not even settled yet, and the next SCOTUS scandal is already hitting the g...
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Megyn Kelly Holds No Punches; Now No. 1 News Show
For the past 150 consecutive months, Fox News has ruled the ratings roost, being the most watched news program on cable television. For the grand majo...
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Hobby Lobby’s Divisive SCOTUS Win
The Supreme Court case that featured Hobby Lobby and their protest against Obamacare wrapped up with a Hobby Lobby win yesterday. Within minutes your ...
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Hey Twitter, the Hobby Lobby Ruling Isn’t SCOTUSblog’s Fault
SCOTUSblog is a private blog, sponsored by Bloomberg Law, that’s “devoted to comprehensively covering the U.S. Supreme Court without bias ...
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Aereo On Last Leg Following Supreme Court Ruling
The Supreme Court has spoken and popular streaming site Aereo will likely be kaput very soon. The site was the subject of a lengthy copyright battle d...
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Alabama Gay Sex Ban Overturned, Ruled Unconstitutional
An appeals court in Alabama has ruled that the Alabama law criminalizing consensual homosexual conduct is unconstitutional, as it “applies to privat...
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