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Lake Mead Survivor Treads Water for Hours
Even though Lake Mead is lower on water right now than it has ever been, it is still a huge place. And it is the last place you want to be in Nevada w...
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Gustnado: What is It? Should You Be Worried?
“Gustnado”, or “gust-front tornado,” is a low-level rotating cloud that is short-lived. It can sometimes form within a severe ...
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Derecho Threat: Severe Storm Pummels Midwest
A derecho is often classified as a type of extreme weather phenomenon, which refers to an inland-type of hurricane accompanied by heavy thunderstorms....
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Louisiana Flooding: EF-1 Tornado Confirmed By National Weather Service
Many residents across several parts of southeastern Louisiana and southern Mississippi are dealing with the aftermath of Tuesday’s heavy rains, whic...
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Moore, Oklahoma Passes New Tornado-Resistant Building Codes
Some residents of Moore, Oklahoma are still in the process of rebuilding their homes from damages that were left by last year’s tornado. Buildings w...
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Several Tornadoes Hit Northern California [Video]
The National Weather Service announced the touchdown of several tornadoes in California on Wednesday. Jeff Ranieri, chief meteorologist of the NBC Bay...
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Antarctica Storm Photographed by Satellite
People here in the United States are simply tired of hearing about winter weather; The polar vortex and winter storm Titan have brought enough cold an...
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Gaviota Pier: Damaging Waves Rip into Popular Fishing Dock
A historic pier at Gaviota State Beach in Santa Barbara, Calif., collapsed Saturday morning due to damaging waves. Gaviota Beach is popular for campin...
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Polar Vortex: Another On The Way
Have you had enough of the cold and snow yet? If you thought the last Polar Vortex and cold spells were bad, get ready for round two. Although many ar...
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Supermarket Shooting: 2 Injured, Suspect in Custody
A supermarket shooting in an Atlanta, Georgia Kroger left two women with non-life threatening injuries, one shot in the leg and the other in her torso...
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Winter Storm Nika To Bring More Snow
Have you had enough snow yet? Get ready for some more as Winter Storm Nika crosses the United States bringing a wintery mix of rain, ice and snow. Las...
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Snowfall In Cairo: First time In More Than 100 Years
Cairo isn’t looking like its normal self lately. That’s because Cairo has been completely transformed into a majestic-looking winter wonde...
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Thanksgiving Storm Expected in Northeast
Thirteen people have tragically died from a winter storm that threatens to spread across the Northeast, and unfortunately just in time for Thanksgivin...
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Thanksgiving Storm Threatens Travelers
The holidays are in full swing and, like every other year, travelers will be heading all across the United States to visit families. This year, howeve...
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Western Winter Storm Extends to Texas, Heads East
A deadly winter storm system that began in Southern California has extended to Texas and Oklahoma after sweeping through Arizona and New Mexico late l...
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Typhoon Yolanda Makes Landfall in Philippines
The Philippines has been hit by  powerful pacific storm, Haiyan, which is classified as a super typhoon. The typhoon brought sustained winds that wer...
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Hurricane Raymond is Now a Category 3 Storm
Many areas on the Pacific coast of Mexico are still recovering from hurricane-related damage and flooding from last month, and it looks like more trou...
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Tropical Storm Karen Weakens En Route to Gulf
Good news for Gulf Coast residents. Tropical Storm Karen has weakened and according to The National Hurricane Center Karen’s maximum sustained...
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Typhoon Utor Touches Ground in the Philippines
Typhoon Utor (referred to as Typhoon Labuyo in the Philippines) hit ground in the northern region of the Philippines at 150 mph around 3 a.m. on Monda...
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Oklahoma Tornado Officially the Widest Ever Recorded in the U.S.
The tornado that hit just outside of El Reno, Oklahoma on May 31 is officially the widest tornado ever recorded in U.S. history. The U.S. National Wea...
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