Moore, Oklahoma Passes New Tornado-Resistant Building Codes

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Some residents of Moore, Oklahoma are still in the process of rebuilding their homes from damages that were left by last year’s tornado. Buildings were reduced to rubble, cars were left crushed, and walls were what remained of the structures.

The tornado injured 400 citizens and killed 24 people. It was not the first time the city has experienced that big a catastrophe. Serious tornadoes also ravaged the city in 1999 and 2003.

On Thursday, the city has approved new residential building codes. It made Moore, Oklahoma the first municipality in the United States to create building rules that state that new homes must be able to endure strong winds that are up to 135 mph instead of the previous 90 mph. The new code is a preventative measure for extensive damages when another tornado strikes.

Moore’s City Council approved 11 building codes after structural engineers examined the damages that were left by the 2013 tornado.

The last tornado that hit Moore left damages that took $2 billion to rebuild. According to Oklahoma University civil engineering professor Dr. Chris Ramseyer, building stronger structures and homes will result in minimized destruction and minimized cost of rebuilding.

Part of the new code also says that hurricane clips, wind-resistant garage doors, and roof sheathing are required. Ramseyer also mentioned the added building requirements will not be a large expense for homeowners. “We’re talking one or two cents per dollar on a home,” he said. This is a small price to pay for the safety of the citizens.

Residents of Moore are excited about the new code, especially since they have already had a hard time trying to rebuild their homes from the previous tornado.

With these new building codes already in place, Moore, Oklahoma will hopefully be prepared for the next tornado that may come their way.

Aftermath from the Tornado that hit Moore last year

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