Winter Storm Nika To Bring More Snow


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Have you had enough snow yet? Get ready for some more as Winter Storm Nika crosses the United States bringing a wintery mix of rain, ice and snow. Last weekend most of the country felt the wrath of Winter Storm Maximus as he brought up to 10 inches of snow to some areas. Warm weather late last week caused much of the snow and ice that was leftover from previous storms to melt, but Maximus brought enough snow to cover the roads and make it almost impossible for many people to leave their homes.

Meteorologists warned that the weekend storm was the first of several storms that were making their way across the Midwest and Northeast. They are now saying that by the time Nika passes through, there could be as much as 20 inches of snow in some areas.

Since the storm is more than 24 hours away, it is not clear exactly how much snow could really fall over the next few days. Meteorologists can only guess and predict the amounts to the best of their abilities.

This winter has been particularly harsh for many states. School closings have prompted many schools to send home blizzard packs that contain the work the students are missing due to snow days. Many schools have passed their designated amount of snow days and will have to make them up over Spring break and possibly even in the Summer.

Those who no longer have to worry about school are still finding it hard to get out of their driveways or travel with such bad road conditions. There have been many wrecks and accidents as a result of the snow and ice and many states are out of road salt and unable to handle all of the snow and ice.

What do you think of these winter storms? Do you love the cold weather and snow or are you ready for warm, sunny weather?

Image via Wikimedia Commons.