Coming Winter Storm Threatens Northeast After Pummeling Midwest


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A coming Winter storm has some residents in the Northeast clamoring for shelter as holiday flights and other travel plans are being canceled in anticipation of what could be a major snow storm. The storm has already flexed its might by dumping upwards of 13 inches of snow in some locations in Arkansas.

The Weather Channel reports that Winter Storm Euclid is slowly moving towards the Northeast after dumping snow, rain or both across much of the Midwest and South. To further exacerbate the situation, the storm was responsible for a number of tornadoes across the South as well. There have been three confirmed deaths so far, but none were caused outright from the tornadoes. In the Midwest, Euclid dumped anywhere between three and 13 inches of snow.

It's being reported that 600 flights have been delayed or canceled as the storm moves Northeast. There's also plenty of snow to be had as The Weather Channel reports that "Blizzard warnings stretch for 730 continuous miles." Those in the path of the storm can expect up to a foot of snow.

Those in the path of the storm should stay inside and refrain from traveling. It would also be wise to check on any neighbors and their heating situation. Many deaths during Winter storms can be attributed to the heat going out in a house.