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Check Out These Insane WordPress Stats
Earlier this month, Automattic gave us a look at a bunch of stats about blogs in 2014. They were pretty impressive. For example, there w...
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People Are Now More Glued to Their Phones Than the TV
Mobile devices have, for the first time, overtaken television in the fight for our eyeballs. According to a report from Flurry, using data from comSco...
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FBI 2012 Crime Stats: Tennessee is Most Dangerous State
24/7 Wall did an analysis last week of the FBI’s recently released 2012 crime statistics, but before anyone starts hastily comparing stat...
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Chrome Is Now the Most Popular Browser in the U.S.
Back in May of 2012, Google’s Chrome browser overtook Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser and became the most popular browser in the wor...
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70% of American Facebook Users Have a Gay Friend
If you’re an American Facebook user, there’s much more than a good chance that you have a gay friend on the service. In fact, 70% of you h...
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Hulu Touts 4 Million Hulu Plus Subscribers, Revenue and Streaming Records in Q1
According to acting CEO Andy Forssell, Hulu is had a hell of a start to 2013. In a blog post, Forssell says that Hulu set a new record for revenue in ...
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Wikipedia and Other Wikimedia Sites See 500M+ Uniques a Month
Wikimedia sites, which include Wikipedia, Wikionary, Wikibooks, Wikimedia Commons, Wikiquote, and nearly a dozen more, now see over 500 million unique...
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Snapchat Sees an Incredible 150 Million Photos Daily
Are you snapping ephemeral photos with the Snapchat app? If not, you may be quickly becoming the minority. Apparently, Snapchat is processing more pho...
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Pandora Hits 200M Users, 1.5B Hours Streamed in March
Internet radio service Pandora has just announced a pretty significant milestone: 200 million registered users in the U.S. Pandora signed up its first...
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YouTube Now Serves a Billion+ Unique Users a Month
YouTube has just announced a huge milestone, one that shows just how powerful the world of online video really is. The Google property and most popula...
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Spotify Adds 1 Million Paid Subscriptions in Just 3 Months
Spotify has tacked on a million paid users just a little over three months. That’s the word from SXSW, where the company has announced that they...
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Facebook Obliterates Other Social Sites in Battle for Your Eyes
We know the Facebook is the most popular social network in the U.S., and even in the world in terms of total active users. In fact, it dominates. But ...
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The Super Bowl Stole Eyes Away from the Internet
Although it may have felt like your Facebook news feed, Twitter streams, and other social media networks were flooded with updates about Beyonce, the ...
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Super Bowl Facebook Buzz Dominated by Beyonce, Blackout
Sunday’s Super Bowl was interesting for a couple of reasons apart from the actual game, and the Facebook data proves that. According to Facebook...
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Let’s Learn Some Stuff About Our Brains, Shall We? [VIDEO]
Today, our favorite YouTube science illustrators want to teach you about fast thinking and slow thinking with some cool brain tricks. I can see no rea...
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Reddit Releases AMA Stats, and Actors Dominate
Reddit has a big 2012. Really big. Like, 37 billion pageviews big. The site has made its way from simply a popular site among the internet community t...
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LinkedIn Hits 200 Million Members
Today, LinkedIn is announcing a pretty significant milestone. The social network for professionals has just topped 200 million members. For reference,...
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Kickstarter Boasts 2.2M+ Pledgers, $319M Pledged, and Many More Year-End Stats
Online crowdfunding leader Kickstarter may be a little late to the game – but late is bette than never, right? They’re finally published t...
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1% of the World is Drunk Right Now and Other Awesome Facts [VIDEO]
Our favorite YouTube science animators AsapSCIENCE are back with another video of cool scientific facts, and this one contains some mind-blowers. Did ...
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Facebook Slowly Conquering the World, Still Trails in Russia, China
It’s Facebook’s world – every other social network is just living in it. Big blue’s virus-like spread has been well-documented...
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