Reddit Releases AMA Stats, and Actors Dominate

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Reddit has a big 2012. Really big. Like, 37 billion pageviews big. The site has made its way from simply a popular site among the internet community to mega-popular site among the internet community that also gets talked about on CNN. Sarcasm aside, it's hard to go a week these days without a major story that has some sort of reddit spin to it.

And part of what's thrown reddit into the national dialogue is the site's AMA Q&A sessions.

From politicians like Al Gore and President Obama, to NFL players and Snoop Dogg - it's been a big year for Ask Me Anything.

AMA mod karmanaut spent some time analyzing data from a lifetime's worth of AMAs, and reddit has just published his findings in a blog post.

The data charts the 400+ AMAs with over 100 comments that took place over the last three years (give or take), and organizes them by category.

And actors/entertainers win with 80 AMAs. That group is responsible for the most successful AMAs (apart from 'other' of course). Next is directors with 39 AMAs and political figures with 38.

Check out their chart below:

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