Samsung Broke Encryption On 100 Million Phones

The world’s largest smartphone maker shipped roughly 100 million phones with broken encryption, putting its customers at risk.

Qualcomm Taps Sophos to Protect 5G Snapdragon PCs

Qualcomm is turning to Sophos to help protect 5G-enabled Snapdragon PCs, with its Intercept X endpoint protection.

Sophos Suffers Data Exposure Incident

Security firm Sophos has informed customers it suffered a data breach as a result of a misconfigured database.

Sophos Issues Hotfix For Firewall Zero-Day Being Actively Exploited

Sophos has issued a hotfix for its XG Firewall to patch a zero-day exploit that was being actively exploited by hackers.

Sophos Warns Of ‘Fleeceware’ Apps On The Google Play Store With 600 Million Downloads

Security firm Sophos has once again warned of the dangers of “fleeceware” on the Google Play Store. Fleeceware is a term for apps “where users could be charged excessive amounts of money for apps if they don’t cancel a ‘subscription’…

Fake Facebook Emails Claim You Have Missed Notifications

When browsing your inbox, be cautious around any email you receive claiming that you have Facebook notifications pending. That’s because a new email scam is on the loose and it’s targeting Facebook users. This new email scam comes packaged in…

Don’t Click the Link for the Facebook “Dislike” Button

Many Facebook users have long awaited the arrival of a "dislike" button for status updates that they find dumb, repulsive, or just annoying. If you happen to see someone on the social network claiming to have found one, however, don’t buy it. It’s a scam.

U.S. Remains Top Spamming Country

The United States continues to be the top country for spam, accounting for 15.2 percent of all global spam, an increase from 13.1 percent in the first quarter of 2010, according to a new report by Sophos.

India trails the U.S., accounting for 7.7 percent of worldwide spam, followed by Brazil (5.5%), the UK (4.6%) and South Korea (4.2%).

Facebook Users Consider Leaving Over Privacy Worries

Facebook’s privacy issues have 60 percent of its members considering leaving the social network, according to a new survey by IT security firm, Sophos.

The survey of 1,588 Facebook users found that 16 percent of those polled have already stopped using the social network due to inadequate control over their data.

Sophos says the survey revealed that the majority of users are frustrated with the lack of control that Facebook gives them over their own data. Most don’t know how to set their Facebook privacy options safely, and find the process confusing.

US Still Main Source Of Spam

The United States continues to be the main source of spam, relaying more than 13 percent of global spam, according to a new report from Sophos.