Fake Facebook Emails Claim You Have Missed Notifications

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When browsing your inbox, be cautious around any email you receive claiming that you have Facebook notifications pending. That's because a new email scam is on the loose and it's targeting Facebook users.

This new email scam comes packaged in a highly convincing fashion and claims to come directly from Facebook. The subject line will tell you that "you have notifications pending," and the body will say "Hi, here's some activity you have missed on Facebook." The email will also prompt recipients to click buttons to "Go To Facebook" and to "See All Notifications."

Of course, the only words of advice here are to stay away from those links.

Here's an actual, non-scammy notification email from Facebook:

And here's the scam email. You can see how people could be fooled - the scammers have done a remarkable job rendering a similar design to the message.

According to Sophos' Naked Security blog, the links took them to a Canadian pharmacy site that offered male enhancement drugs like Cialis and Viagra - typical. "Chances are that the spammers are earning affiliate cash by driving traffic to the pharmaceutical website," they said.

Of course, these types of links could take you on any number of malicious trips - a phishing site, a site containing malware, etc. Just be on your toes, Facebook users.

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