E3 2023 May Be Missing Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony

Despite being the first E3 in four years, E3 2023 may be missing the biggest console makers: Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony.

Xbox Boss Fires Back at Sony Over Activision Deal Objections

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has fired back at Sony over the latter’s objections to Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard deal.

Microsoft Commits to Keeping ‘Call of Duty’ on the PlayStation Forever

Microsoft has just made a major commitment, with an executive saying it will keep Call of Duty on the PlayStation forever.

Sony Launches First OTC Hearing Aid in the US

Sony has launched an over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid in the US following a change in regulation that paved the way.

Microsoft Admits Sony PlayStation Outsells Xbox Two-to-One

No company likes to admit its competitor has a leg up, but Microsoft did just that in an effort to avoid antitrust issues.

Epic Receives $2 Billion to Invest in Metaverse Development

Epic has received $2 billion from Sony and KIRKBI to help it invest in metaverse development, a major focus of game studios.

Honda and Sony Partnering on Electric Vehicle Efforts

Honda and Sony are working together, forming a new company to sell electric vehicles (EVs) as the entire industry pivots away from gasoline engines.

Microsoft Takes Shot At Apple and Google With ‘Open App Store Principles’

Microsoft is throwing down the gauntlet in the app store market, releasing a set of “Open App Store Principles” that take aim at Apple and Google.

Sony Purchasing Game Make Bungie for $3.6 Billion

Less than two weeks after Microsoft announced it was purchasing Activision Blizzard, Sony has announced a deal to purchase Bungie.

Sony Looks to Building and Selling EVs

Move over Tesla: Sony is looking get in on the electric vehicle (EV) market.

TSMC and Sony May Team Up on New Chip Factory in Japan

TSMC and Sony may team up on a new semiconductor factory in Japan, in an effort to hep ease the semiconductor shortage.

Sony PlayStation and Discord Announce Partnership

Sony PlayStation has announced a partnership with Discord, to integrate Discord with PlayStation’s social experience.

Google Pulls Out of Mobile World Congress Event

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is one of the biggest phone events of the year, but it will go on without one of its biggest attendees, as Google pulls out.

$550? There’s a Reason AirPods Max Cost So Much

When Apple released the over-ear AirPods Max in December, the headphones came with a staggering $550 price tag. According to iFixIt, there’s a good reason.

Microsoft, Nintendo & Sony Announce Shared Commitment to Safer Gaming

Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are collaborating to make gaming safer, especially for those most vulnerable.

Sony Invents Virtual Reality Display Visible To the Naked Eye

Using spatial reality to combine the virtual and physical world, Sony’s new Spatial Reality Display creates an incredible 3D optical experience that is viewable to the naked eye.

Google Unveils New TV Service, Google TV

Google made a surprise announcement today, unveiling its take on television: Google TV.

Sony Announces $50,000 PlayStation Bug Bounty

Sony has announced it will pay significant bug bounties for PlayStation 4 bugs.

Akamai Throttling Game Download Speeds to Ease Network Congestion

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Akamai has announced it’s going to start slowing down video game downloads during peak times.

Microsoft Sees Amazon and Google As Primary Xbox Competition

People love rivalries. Apple vs Microsoft, Ford vs Chevy, Patriots vs the Bills and Xbox vs PlayStation are just a few of the greats. According to Protocol, however, the Xbox vs PlayStation rivalry may be nearing its end as Microsoft’s…