Huawei Shifting Focus to the Cloud

As US-led sanctions take a toll, Huawei is increasingly shifting its focus to the cloud to help secure its future.

Corning Introduces Gorilla Glass Victis, Toughest Version Yet

Corning has introduced its strongest version of Gorilla Glass to date, Corning Gorilla Glass Victis.

EU May Enorce Smartphone Replaceable Batteries

The European Commission is considering a proposal that would force smartphone manufacturers to use easily replaceable batteries.

Western Digital Flash Storage Ready For 5G

5G stands ready to revolutionize mobile applications and services with speeds far exceeding what’s currently available. In light of that, Western Digital has announced a new line of flash storage specifically for 5G devices.

Motorola Returning to Premium Phones: Razr Just the Beginning

CNET is reporting that Motorola is recommitting to the premium phone market, after years of making budget and midrange phones. Motorola made headlines in November with an updated version of its iconic Razr phone. The new model keeps the old-style,…

Google and HTC Team Up to Challenge Apple’s iPhone

It looks like Google is bent on diversifying its businesses as it moves further into hardware. In fact, its latest billion dollar deal suggests the company is determined to stake its claim in the smartphone market which inevitably puts it…

HoloLens Creator Alex Kipman Says Smartphones are Dead

“The phone is already dead. People just haven’t realized,” said Alex Kipman, the creator of Microsoft’s augmented reality headset HoloLens, in an interview with Bloomberg. Kipman added that their augmented reality headset will soon take the place of smartphones everywhere.…

Infographic: People Have Smaller Attention Spans Than Goldfish (Marketing Tips For Overcoming This)

Last year, Microsoft released some research finding that the average attention span for a goldfish is about nine seconds and that for people of the smartphone era, it’s even less than that at eight seconds. It’s somewhat troubling, but not…

Google Increases File Size Limit For Android Apps

Google announced that it’s increasing the APK file size limit for Android apps from 50MB to 100MB giving developers more room to work with in creating app experiences with less restriction. Google does warn, however, that just because you can…

Apps Now Top Way People Consume Digital Media In US

comSore has a new report out looking at mobile app usage in the U.S. It finds that it has become the top way people are consuming digital media, but interestingly, it has done so without damaging desktop or the mobile…