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Tag: Small Businesses

Pandemic Reinvention Is Real For SMBs, Says CEO
Rene Lacarte, CEO of, says that the pandemic reinvention is real for small and medium-sized businesses and that they need to innovate and dig...
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What Is Industry 4.0 and How Will it Affect Us?
The Fourth Industrial Revolution will lay improvements across 3 new sectors: smart communication, data quality, and smart devices....
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Yelp: 61% Of Restaurant Closures Permanent
By far, the hardest hit segment of the economy impacted by the forced government closures mandated by various state governor executive orders over the...
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GoDaddy Partners With Spree To Offer eCommerce Solutions To Small Businesses
Last year, GoDaddy moved away from super models to focus on small businesses and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Since then, the the company has entered into a...
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Microsoft, GoDaddy Team Up To Offer Office 365 To Small Businesses
If you own a small business, you’re going to need some productivity software for your employees. If you use GoDaddy as your Web host, you won...
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How Optimistic Are Small Business Owners Going Into 2014?
The rise of the internet has certainly made it easier for small business owners to build and market their livelihoods. However, these opportunities ar...
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Google Checkout To Shut Down On November 20
Back in November 2011, Google announced that it was retiring Google Checkout in favor of Google Wallet. After that announcement, Google Checkout remai...
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Online Security, Are We All Potentially At Risk?
How safe are we really? One may wonder if large corporations, small businesses, and individuals are all subject to online fraud. Financial Fraud Actio...
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Will Yelp’s Lawsuits Curb Phony Reviews?
As phonebooks become a thing of the past, local and small businesses now rely more than ever on the internet to get the word out about their services....
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Are Small Businesses Properly Represented In Online Sales Tax Debate?
The Marketplace Fairness Act has been regularly described as a bill that would help small local businesses compete against the large online businesses...
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UPS Explains How 3D Printing Can Help Your Small Business
Last week, UPS announced that it would be bringing 3D printers to its retail stores. It’s the first retailer to do so, and it thinks that small ...
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Starbucks to Sell Square’s Mobile Card Readers in Store
Would you like a mobile payments processing unit with your caramel macchiato? Square and Starbucks are further bolstering their relationship, building...
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Check-in on Facebook, Get Free Wi-Fi?
Small and medium-sized businesses have now had a few years to incentivize the “check-in.” Between Foursquare, Facebook, and other networks...
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Facebook Offers Gets Global Update
Facebook offers, the program that allows businesses to promote special offers to their Facebook fans, was first mentioned as a pilot program at fMC in...
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Foursquare Extends AMEX Small Business Deals
Foursquare is extending a promotion that allows users to check-in to certain participating small businesses to receive cash credits on their credit ca...
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Groupon Now Goes Live
Groupon is looking to expand beyond their current one-deal-per-day model by offering local deals throughout the day. Groupon Now has just launched in ...
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Google And SBA Team On Helping Small Businesses Grow Online
Google and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) have formed a partnership aimed at providing resources and tools to help small business own...
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