GoDaddy Partners With Spree To Offer eCommerce Solutions To Small Businesses

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Last year, GoDaddy moved away from super models to focus on small businesses and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Since then, the the company has entered into a number of key strategic partnerships to help out small businesses with everything from email management to eCommerce solutions.

GoDaddy announced today that it has partnered up with Spree Commerce to offer its open-source eCommerce platform to small businesses. The partnership is another step in GoDaddy's strategy of democratizing technology for small businesses.

“Many of our customers do not have the technical expertise to build a successful online store, yet they all want to serve their customers who are increasingly online and mobile,” said GoDaddy Head of Product for Presence and Commerce Sandeep Grover. “With GoDaddy, our vision is to make it simple for any small business to create an eye-catching store that will stand out and help them sell more. With Spree Commerce on the back-end, we’ll be translating the great open-source work of the Spree community into a store experience available to the masses.”

It's noted that the eCommerce segment is expected to hit $370 billion by 2017. GoDaddy wants to be part of that growing trend by getting as many small businesses as it can online before then. With Spree, it will be able to do just that.

“We’re pleased to partner with GoDaddy to provide a technology solution that can scale to tens of thousands of stores,” said Spree Commerce CEO Sean Schofield. “We also look forward to GoDaddy joining our worldwide open source movement, which is constantly innovating together to improve our platform’s capabilities.”

As Schofield mentioned above, GoDaddy will be joining the open source movement with this latest partnership. In exchange for using Spree's technology, GoDaddy will be contributing back to its open source community.

“GoDaddy is embracing open ecosystems and communities in open source. This commitment not only allows GoDaddy to be a leader in the hosting and domains industries by adopting and contributing to the latest innovations in open source, but also expand our large-scale systems expertise,” said GoDaddy CTO Elissa Murphy. “Over the next year, GoDaddy will adopt and contribute new innovations focused on the VSB (very small business) customer to these communities.”

Those using GoDaddy for their small business needs will be able to utilize Spree Commerce starting this Spring.

Image via GoDaddy/YouTube