Small Businesses Need A Cybersecurity Plan, Too. Here’s Where To Start

Small businesses need a cybersecurity plan, too. Here are some tips as to where to start. Read more in the article below.

What Should My Small Business Outsource?

When your business is growing, you’ll think, what should my small business outsource? Learn some helpful tips below.

Best Business Phone Features for Small Business

Running a small business isn’t easy. That’s why it is important to pay attention to things like phone features for small business.

Small Business SEO: Land More Leads with Long-Tail Keywords

It is important to understand how SEO can be a competitive advantage. Learn more about small business SEO in the article below.

Ford and Salesforce Partner on VIIZR, Small Business SaaS Tool

Ford and Salesforce are partnering on VIIZR, a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool designed for small businesses.

Shopify: We Are Arming The Rebels

Shopify President Harley Finkelstein says the rebels―the entrepreneurs and the small business owners―are the heroes of the Shopify story… and the rebels are winning.

57% of Small Businesses in US Are Now Fully Open

As restrictions ease around the country, a new reports shows that 57% of all small businesses are fully open.

Google Reducing Play Store Fees for Small Developers

Google is following Apple’s lead, cutting its Play Store fees in half for developers that earn less than $1 million per year.

Pandemic Reinvention Is Real For SMBs, Says CEO

Rene Lacarte, CEO of, says that the pandemic reinvention is real for small and medium-sized businesses and that they need to innovate and digitize the back office.

Barely a Quarter of SMBs Buy Software That Meets Their Needs

A new survey shows that only 27% of SMBs buy software that meets or exceeds their needs.

What Is Industry 4.0 and How Will it Affect Us?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will lay improvements across 3 new sectors: smart communication, data quality, and smart devices.

Yelp: 61% Of Restaurant Closures Permanent

By far, the hardest hit segment of the economy impacted by the forced government closures mandated by various state governor executive orders over the last six months has been restaurants.

Etsy CEO: Anti-Competitive Act By Amazon To Consolidate Market Power

This is going to have tremendous consequences for the 3 million sellers on Etsy should Amazon prevail in this fight. It’s really an anti-competitive act from amazon to consolidate their market power.

Google Donating $800 Million to Small Businesses Amid Crisis

With the fate of many small businesses on the line, Google is donating some $800 million to assist small businesses during the economic crisis.

Amazon VP Says 58% of Sales Come From Small Businesses

Over 50% of everything that gets sold on Amazon actually comes from small and medium-sized businesses. Their success is our success so we’re definitely focused on doubling down on that. We have over 1.9 million small and medium-sized businesses in the US who work together with Amazon to conduct their business.

We’ve Seen Active Buyers Consistently Grow, Says eBay CEO

“The most important thing that we look at is the underlying health of the marketplace,” says eBay CEO Devin Wenig. “For me, that really comes down to three things. It’s how many people are shopping with us? How many people are selling with us? And how much inventory is in the marketplace?”

Small Businesses are Struggling to Find Workers Due to Low Unemployment Rate

A recent LinkedIn employment report has revealed that the US job market is hale and hearty. The country’s unemployment rate is down across the board while hiring is 4.5% higher when compared to this same time last year. While the…

WPN Today: Websites Relying on Facebook Traffic Face Uncertain Future

If the story of is any indication Facebook reliant websites face a bleak future if they don’t quickly adapt to the new reality of much lower Facebook referrals. This follows changes earlier this year by Facebook to emphasize posts from…

President Trump Touts U.S. Economic Growth at Meeting With Small Business Owners

President Donald Trump hosted a White House event last Tuesday where he revealed a rosy future for American businesses and the nation’s economy in general. Attended by 100 small business owners from all over the country, the President praised those…

Branding With Limited Resources

Your brand is the core of your marketing strategy and your business. It may be challenging to deliver your branding message with limited resources, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, thanks to the limitless tools available on the internet. Wisely…