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Choosing the Right Small Business Printer

With all of the options out there in the market, how does a business owner choose the best small business printer for their needs?...
Choosing the Right Small Business Printer
Written by Brian Wallace
  • Business owners both large and small know how important the right printer is for day-to-day business operations. With so many brands, models, and sizes on the market today, how do business owners know the best small business printer to choose that is the correct fit for their business? 

    Print is Not Dead

    To start, an owner can look at the facts: 8 in 10 small businesses on the global storefront say they rely on a printer for their daily services. However, most small business owners buy consumer-grade printers to do heavy business work, thus overworking those printers and having to make reactive purchases to fill in those gaps. 52% of small business owners across the globe say they wish printer companies better understood the challenges they face, with 69% of small business owners worldwide find it hard to source reliable office supplies, printers being one of those supplies. 

    Over half of people own printers that break once a month or more. Why is this? Most ink printers are not made with a durable body and are also not made for the large work of a business. Laser printers are made with a highly durable steel-frame, making them ready to take on whatever job they are tasked with. Laser printers are also compact, easy for moving from location to location, while still keeping the ability to perform any big business features. 

    For small business owners, high costs of any device or program can be overwhelming. With laser printers, small business owners will only spend $0.05 for laser toner and $0.075 for laser printer ink that never smudges, dries out, or expires. With regular ink printers, small business owners can spend over $12,000 per gallon of ink. Laser printer cartridges leave more room for small business owners to spend funds on other improvements. 

    Security Considerations

    Laser printers can also be password protected and require a password to use the services to help prevent online security threats. These printers will also reboot when a security threat is detected and have a secure fax option for things such as financial information, saving you and your businesses’ personal information. There is a capability with laser printers to add multiple employees on a single network, creating your own “smart business” and a printer network specific for your business. Laser printers have built-in access to a cloud service, meaning everyone on your businesses’ network can access much-needed documents or even print from a distance. 

    In Conclusion

    For small businesses in the technology age, a laser printer seems to be the best choice for day-to-day operations. There are many benefits to using a laser printer for a small business, along with the added services laser printer companies offer such as cartridge recycling programs and the option to shop directly from the manufacturer’s website for refills to add an ease of mind to businesses operating with these printers. Small business owners, don’t let a bad printer slow down your business in this digital age. Make an informed decision on what kind of printer is best for you and your small business.

    Stop Making Your Business Printer an Afterthought

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