Best Business Phone Features for Small Business

Running a small business isn't easy. That's why it is important to pay attention to things like phone features for small business....
Best Business Phone Features for Small Business
Written by Brian Wallace
  • One of the most important pieces of hardware or software for small business people is their communication system. The fact is that you’ll almost definitely be using it on a regular basis, and if you choose the right one, it might provide you with a considerable competitive advantage.

    At the end of the day, every company needs a corporate communication network that is supported with a robust phone insurance plan. Establishing clear channels of conversation with clients, suppliers, and employees is essential, and small businesses can execute this task just as well, if not better, than large enterprises.

    These are the best features that small business phone systems must have to improve your business communication:

    Automatic Attendant

    Small businesses can benefit a lot from using an automatic attendant (also known as IVR) system. Tools like formal greeting, call forwarding, extension selection, and others are deployed using an IVR system.

    While many companies prefer personal interactions with their customers, an automatic attendant can help increase support efficiency, reduce waiting times, and also give a high level of customization and personalization. For example, with automatic call routing, your IVR can greet your customer by name and transfer the call to his account manager.

    This technology is perfect for working in a small office environment since it gives small businesses a more professional look. You can set your IVR to answer simple questions so your clients might get in touch with your small business 24/7.

    The advanced capabilities of an auto attendant must, without a question, be included in your current small business phone system.

    CRM Software Integrations

    Connecting with customer relationship management (CRM) and other business intelligence technologies is crucial for small businesses. In order to stay competitive, firms must identify and leverage every potential feature to increase their efficiency. Screen pop-up when looking for incoming Calls information, click-to-call, and professional phone appearance are just a few of the features available when your phone system is integrated with your CRM. Such features provide unparalleled effectiveness.

    Conversations Recording

    Recording calls is a useful feature for various small businesses. Not everyone can understand the advantages of this feature or will benefit from it regularly, but if you conduct business over the phone, having audio recordings is important because it allows you to evaluate discussions over time to enhance your effectiveness, and also refer back when you need clarification or reminding what was discussed.

    It is possible to use call recordings for several objectives, like collecting evidence for key concerns raised by a client over the phone or evaluating discussions to identify how to improve a sales presentation in the future.

    Conference Calling

    It is not always feasible to bring individuals together in person since business is now also performed remotely. Conferencing is simple, and you can have real-time conversations with as many people as you need. Simply put your caller on wait, choose a new line, then hit the conference option to attend the other lines. It is that easy! 

    Call Forwarding

    Having the ability to transfer conversations fast and easily is critical for properly managing inbound calls. One of the primary reasons firms switch to the most up-to-date, feature-rich phone systems is indeed the opportunity to do this more efficiently. Every phone user may easily send calls to other members of the team using the right phone system, which can be done with a single tap. Additionally, since you’ll have at least two phone setups, somebody else may be in a conversation at the same moment as you are.

    The Bottom Line

    The cloud-based characteristics of phone solutions provide a great deal of value to businesses. It’s hard to imagine a workplace without corporate phone services, whether it’s basic functions like call waiting or call forwarding or more sophisticated ones like CRM integrations, and also, they can be used for secure remote working. For big and small companies alike, this and the cost advantages over traditional landlines technology makes them an appealing alternative.

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