Shopify Will Lay Off 1,000 Employees After a ‘Bet That Didn’t Pay Off’

Shopify is the latest victim of a changing economy, with the company revealing it is laying off roughly 1,000 employees.

Shopify Evolving Into World’s First Retail Operating System

Harley Finkelstein, COO of Shopify, discusses how COVID has dramatically sped up the timeline for commerce moving online and has also moved Shopify closer to its goal of becoming the world’s first retail operating system.

Shopify Takes Aim at Walmart and Amazon With Deliverr Purchase

Coming off of strong growth during the pandemic, Shopify has announced a deal to acquire Deliverr, a move that will help it combat Walmart and Amazon.

TikTok Enters Job Market with TikTok Resumes

TikTok is looking to expand beyond just social media, introducing TikTok Resumes as a way to apply for jobs.

Shopify Announces 0% Revenue Sharing on First $1 Million in Sales

Shopify is dropping its revenue cut for developers that earn less than $1 million annually, in a move that rivals other tech platforms.

A Single Customer Was Responsible for Fastly’s Outage

Fastly has said a single customer caused yesterday’s outage, an outage that had widespread repercussions.

CDN Glitch Leads to Massive Internet Outages

A glitch at Fastly, a popular CDN, led to outages for some of the internet’s biggest sites Tuesday morning.

Senator Josh Hawley’s Antitrust Bill Would Hurt Startups More Than Big Tech

Senator Josh Hawley introduced a bill Monday aimed at addressing antitrust concerns, but it may do more harm than good.

Shopify: We Are Arming The Rebels

Shopify President Harley Finkelstein says the rebels―the entrepreneurs and the small business owners―are the heroes of the Shopify story… and the rebels are winning.

Postscript Raises $4.5 Million to Turbocharge Shopify SMS Marketing

Postscript announced it has raised $4.5 million in seed funding to help bring turbocharged SMS marketing to Shopify and e-commerce stores.

Coronavirus: Shopify Giving Employees $1,000 to Help Work From Home

It’s a good time to work for Shopify, as the company is giving employees $1,000 to help them make the transition to working from home.

DTC Brands Doing Incredible Numbers on Shopify, Says COO

Direct to consumer brands are doing incredible numbers on Shopify, says Shopify COO Harley Finkelstein. He says that Kylie Jenner has generated almost a billion dollars in sales on the platform and many other influencers such as Kanye West, Drake, and most recently Tom Brady and also doing very well.

Google Takes Page From Microsoft’s Playbook, Targets Retail Cloud Market

Google has used the National Retail Federation’s annual conference as a platform to unveil its latest efforts to gain retail cloud customers. Amazon may be the dominant cloud player, but Microsoft and Google are both working to chip away at…

4 Best Platforms for Launching Your eCommerce Store

Picking the right eCommerce platform is one of the most critical decisions that small businesses can make in this digital age. This is because mobile commerce and eCommerce are set to grow exponentially in the coming years as more people…

Shopify’s Instagram Integration to Open Doors for Millions of Vendors

Christmas comes early for Shopify and Instagram users, with the former now providing Instagram integration to most of its vendors. The eCommerce company and Instagram had been collaborating on the new shopping service the whole year. Now the integration appears…

Shopify Makes it Even Easier for Merchants to Sell on Amazon

Shopify has been quite busy making things even better for their sellers this year. Much like its recent announcement about a marketplace integration with eBay, Shopify revealed a similar integration with Amazon. The integration would allow US merchants to set…

Shopify Is Now Giving Entrepreneurs Cash Advances

Multi-channel commerce platform Shopify announced the launch of Shopify Capital, a new merchant cash advance offering to help entrepreneurs get financing to accelerate business growth. It’s in pilot for now, giving some merchants advances to buy equipment and inventory as…

Shopify Adds Sales Channels To Help You Sell From More Places

A lot of businesses are about to have a lot more ways to sell their products with Shopify. The company announced that it is giving developers tools to build new sales channels to put Shopify into more and more apps.…

Shopify for WordPress Launched

Shopify announced the launch of new themes and a new plugin for WordPress to make it easier to sell on WordPress sites. Both the themes and plugin are free. You can use them to add products to any of your…

Shopify Launches POS for Android

Shopify launched Shopify POS for iOS all the way back in 2013. Now, the system is available for Android, which has a much larger share of the mobile operating system market. Shopify POS allows merchants to accept payments with their…