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Kim Kardashian Has Body Issues Just Like Regular Women
Kim Kardashian may seem like she breathes rarified air compared to most women. She is super-famous. She is rich. She is part of a television empire. K...
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Instagram a Feet Pic and Toms Will Donate a Pair of Shoes to a Child in Need
Somewhere between the bad food pic and the car selfie lies the bare feet pic, an Instagram post that very few people really care to see. But now, that...
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Winter Boots Can Be Warm And Stylish
Winter boots have always been about function over style. After all, who cares about style when you’re staying warm. Forget that, we can be warm ...
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Ringo Starr: Not Too Cool To Sell Skechers Shoes
As a member of The Beatles, Ringo Starr stands to be one of the most recognizable faces of our time. Footwear company Skechers was most likely banking...
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Kristin Cavallari: Style Comes Before Comfort
Kristin Cavallari is already back at work! The mom of Camden, two, and Jaxon, born May 7th, looked enviably slim in a crop top and pencil skirt. She a...
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Summer Sandals: What’s Your Style?
It’s summertime and that means you need a bunch of cute shoes to match all of your cute summer outfits. You don’t want to wear sneakers all summer...
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Instagram Shoes Soon to Be a Reality Thanks to Adidas and Satan
I’m aware that mankind will never be satisfied with a truly digital photo experience, nor can they handle a world comprised only of actual, prin...
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Soccer Cleats: Nike Unveils Mercurial Superfly Shoe Ahead Of World Cup
Soccer cleats are easily the most intimidating footwear in sports. Not only do the spikes on the bottom remind me never to get drop kicked by a profes...
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New Air Jordan XX9 Shoe Unveiled
Michael Jordan has introduced the 29th edition of his shoe, the Air Jordan, on Thursday in Manhattan. Air Jordan XX9 will be available for purchase in...
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Kim Kardashian Makes Fun of Sister’s Shoes
It’s been made pretty public that Kim does’t really keep her opinions to herself-especially those relating to her sis Khloé. When asked a...
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Shoes That Perfectly Fit Are Coming Soon Via 3D Printers
Finding shoes that perfectly fit is a chore. There are plenty of shoes in your size, but a lot of them just feel a little off. With help from 3D print...
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Wiz Khalifa Talks About New Material
Wiz Khalifa, the immensely popular musical artist and budding shoe designer, has released new songs much to the delight of his fans. With more than 11...
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3D Printed Fashion Is Back With These Wild Shoes
Fashion shows are weird. Half of the clothing shown at the events are never commercialized, but are rather just an excuse for a designer to get all po...
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Skechers To Pay $40M Over Shape-Ups Ads
One year ago, The U.S. FTC fined shoe manufacturer Skechers $40 Million over its ads for “Shape-Ups” shoes. The shoes were marketed as bei...
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Nike Elephant Shoe is the Company’s Largest Ever
It’s a given that the seven-foot-tall stars in the NBA have Nike shoes that are huge. None of them, however, compare to the largest shoe that Ni...
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Watch Out Nike: 3D Printers Are Gunning For Your Job
I’m not a “shoe” person, though I understand why one would have an obsession with the mound of leather and rubber we put on our feet...
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Avengers Shoes Will Kick Bad Guys’ Butts
If you were a superhero like Captain America or Iron Man would you wear your own swag? Is it different if you are a superhero, or super douchey like i...
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Marvel And Reebok Do A Team Up On Some Shoes
So sometimes even china gets a scoop. This time they were the first ones to find out about some new shoes being designed by a team to feature some of ...
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Reebok Gets Marvel Superhero Inspired Line of Shoes
Reebok is coming out with a whole line of retro models outfitted for all you superhero fans out there. Collaborating with Marvel comics, they have com...
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Madonna’s Truth or Dare Shoe Line is Sexy
Soon you can buy Madonna’s Truth or Dare shoe line from a range of stores at your local mall. These dance inspired shoes will range in price fro...
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