Ringo Starr: Not Too Cool To Sell Skechers Shoes

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As a member of The Beatles, Ringo Starr stands to be one of the most recognizable faces of our time. Footwear company Skechers was most likely banking on Starr’s immense popularity when it recently signed him on to represent its Relaxed Fit footwear campaign, which will be released in spring 2015.

On October 20, Monday, the shoe brand announced that Starr was the newest face of its popular footwear line, which was previously endorsed by sports greats such as Joe Montana, Mark Cuban and Joe Namath. Starr is the first musician to endorse the line, signaling the brand’s crossover from sports into music.

“Ringo possesses the charm, cool charisma and instant global recognition that will elevate awareness for our popular Relaxed Fit footwear collection both in the United States and around the world,” said Skechers President Michael Greenberg. He said that the campaign for the shoe line is moving from the sports world to the music world, and that “Ringo is the perfect ambassador to illustrate how our comfortable footwear helps keep you relaxed in any situation.”

— Fashionista.com (@Fashionista_com) October 21, 2014

The Skechers press release also called Starr “not only a music icon, but also a style icon,” making him the perfect person to represent the brand in ads next spring boasting of a “roomier fit” and “instant comfort” with humor. It referenced Starr’s recent stint as a model for a John Varvatos campaign tied to the drummer’s charity called Peace Rocks.

For every photo posted on social media of a person flashing the peace sign and captioned with the hashtag #PEACEROCKS, John Varvatos donates $1 to The Ringo Starr Peace and Love Fund at the David Lynch Foundation. The fund helps pay for the teaching of Transcendental Meditation, a stress-relief technique, to beneficiaries such as students of inner-city schools, veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress, and women and children who are victims of violence and abuse.

— The Beatles (@thebeatles) September 19, 2014

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