Winter Boots Can Be Warm And Stylish

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Winter boots have always been about function over style. After all, who cares about style when you're staying warm. Forget that, we can be warm and stylish. Going into the holiday season, some of the best winter boots are also stylish.

PlanetShoes, an online shoes retailer, have decreed a number of brands that you should be watching out for this holiday season. These winter boots will keep your feet warm while making you the talk of the classroom and/or office. The retailer suggests those looking for style should check out boots from Bos and Co. or Woolrich. If you don't care as much about style, traditional winter boot makers like Timberland and Bogs still offer mildly stylish options for those who care more about function.

“Being up in Boston, we understand the necessity of a great pair of winter boots to keep your feet warm, happy and dry,” said Phil Meynard, President of Planet, Inc. “With fashionable styles complete with pops of color and fun embellishments, it’s easy to look and feel great all season long in any of our exciting new boots.”

There's one brand, however, that you may not find under the tree this year. The Guardian is reporting that L.L. Bean's duck boots are incredibly hard to find this year. The company can't keep up with demand, and there's already a waiting list stretching to spring of next year. In other words, this year's hottest winter boots will not show up on doorsteps until winter is over. It's a crummy situation, but one that's seemingly unavoidable thanks to college kids. L.L. Bean claims that there's unprecedented demand for its stylish and waterproof boots from young people.

To make up for the wait, L.L. Bean is even sending out little duck boot key chains to those on the waiting list:

Key chains can't keep your feet warm, but at least it's something.

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