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Senators Propose Bipartisan Framework for AI Regulation
Senators Richard Blumenthal and Josh Hawley are working together to unveil a bipartisan framework for AI regulation....
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Senators Introduce Bipartisan Bill Taking Aim at TikTok & Foreign Tech
A bipartisan bill has been introduced to the Senate, one that would take a comprehensive approach to foreign tech....
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‘No TikTok on Government Devices Act’ Passes Senate
The US government is one step closer to banning TikTok, with the Senate passing a bill that would ban it from government devices....
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EARN IT Act Moves Forward After Addressing Encryption Concerns
The EARN IT Act has passed the Senate Judiciary Committee after addressing concerns about weakening encryption....
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Senate Committee Addresses 5G ‘Tower Climber’ Shortage
There have been many things that have slowed 5G adoption: competing types of 5G, available spectrum, security concerns over Chinese vendors and more. ...
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New Law Will Limit Cable TV Fees, Address Local Blackouts
According to Consumer Reports, the House and Senate have passed a bill that would limit how cable companies charge hidden fees and phantom rentals to ...
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Senate Signs Bill to Help Curb Illegal Robocalls
Robocalls have become a plague for the American consumer, with some 54 billion being placed last year alone. Now, according to the International Busin...
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Man Running Country Blares Frozen Ringtone in Meeting About Running Country
A 78-year-old man who is part of a body that helps runs the United States of America has a Frozen ringtone. And on Thursday, his Frozen ringtone inter...
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Loretta Lynch Confirmation Could Be Stalled Until April
Loretta Lynch has been waiting since November for her confirmation from the Senate to become the next attorney general. In a bid to force the Senate t...
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Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple & Other Tech Companies Call For Government Surveillance Reform
About a year ago, the Reform Government Surveillance coalition was formed. Today, it includes AOL, Apple, Drobpbox, Evernote, Facebook, Google, Linked...
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Obamacare In Trouble If Senate Goes Republican
Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act (or ACA), has a pretty sketchy future should the elections next week yield a Republican Senate. This ...
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Republicans Made Their Own Retro Platformer Starring an Elephant Named Giopi
The National Republican Senatorial Committee, the group whose only purpose is getting Republicans elected to the US Senate, has turned to nostalgic ga...
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Unlocking Your Cellphone Is Now Legal – Again
Today, President Obama will sign a bill into law that The White House calls “a win for American consumers, a win for wireless competition, and a...
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Cellphone Unlocking Bill Passes House, Heads to Obama’s Desk
The House has unanimously passed legislation, unanimously passed last week in the Senate, that will once again make it legal for consumers to unlock t...
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Cellphone Unlocking Bill Passes Senate, Heads to House
Late Tuesday, the Senate passed the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act with a unanimous vote. The bill, introduced by Democratic V...
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Cellphone Unlocking Bill Passes Senate Committee
A Senate bill to reverse a Library of Congress decision and make unlocking your cellphone legal again has passed the Judiciary Committee. In January o...
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Elizabeth Warren Seeks to Lessen Student Loan Burden
On Monday, President Obama signed an executive order which would extend the ability to cap one’s student loan repayment amount at 10 percent of ...
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Mitch McConnell Whips Tea Party Darling
Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader and senior U.S. Senator from Kentucky, has successfully fended off a primary challenge from Tea Party hopeful ...
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Diane Humetewa Becomes First Female Native American Federal Judge
The U.S. Senate this week confirmed the first female Native American federal judge in U.S. history. Diane Humetewa, a former U.S. Attorney, will serve...
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Minimum Wage Hike Shut Down by GOP
The federally-mandated Minimum Wage has been at $7.25 an hour since 2009. If Senate Democrats, and President Obama, had had their way, that amount wou...
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