Facebook Creates A Challenge For SEC

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, it has become increasingly more difficult to regulate and minimize insider trading. A predominant reason for this is social media like Facebook and Twitter. The ease at with insiders can share and disseminate…

Groupon IPO Reportedly Delayed

It appears that Groupon is delaying its IPO. A report from the Wall Street Journal, citing “a person familiar with the matter,” indicates that the company has canceled its IPO roadshow and is “reassessing the timing” of the IPO, which…

Rumor Ties Facebook, Twitter To SEC Inquiry

Don’t look for employees at these companies to break out shredders – or even break a sweat – quite yet, but the Securities and Exchange Commission might be curious about certain details related to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Zynga.  Unconfirmed rumors indicate the SEC is looking into their privately traded stock.

Dell Settles with SEC for $100 Million

Dell announced that it’s reached a settlement with the SEC, resolving an investigation into Dell’s disclosures and alleged omissions from before Fiscal Year 2008, regarding its relationship to Intel, as well as other accounting and financial reporting issues.