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Feedly Pro Launches with Search, HTTPS, and Better Support
Feedly, the RSS reader that took an early and substantial lead when everybody went shopping for a Google Reader replacement, has finally taken the vei...
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Google Reader Alternative Spotlight: Feedspot
Google Reader has been officially gone for a whole month now, but there is likely still a lot of experimentation going on when it comes to alternative...
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Feedly Fixes A Bunch Of Stuff, Says Mini Toolbar Will Be Back In The Fall
Feedly announced a bunch of fixes it has made to various features, and that it is working on bringing the mini toolbar back. The feature which went mi...
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Apparently, Larry Page Didn’t Give a Damn About Google Reader, So It Died
When we talk about the story of Google Reader’s tragic demise, there’s the corporate excuse, the speculation, and the additional speculati...
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Flipboard Reportedly Fails To Preserve Users’ Google Reader Feeds [Updated]
Google Reader is now officially gone. If you’re reading this, you’re probably well aware of that. Hopefully you found a service to keep yo...
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RIP, Google Reader. So, What Now?
R.I.P., Google Reader – 2005-2013. It’s better to burn out than it is to fade away, right? For many Google Reader users, this will feel li...
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You Can Retrieve Your Google Reader Data Until July 15th
If you’re a Google Reader user, you know that the service officially went offline yesterday, July 1st. We knew it was coming – Google gave...
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Yep, Google Just Killed RSS Alerts Too
Monday marked the official end of Google Reader. The announcement back in March seems like an eternity ago, and many of us have long since moved on to...
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HootSuite Launches ‘Syndicator’ RSS Tool Ahead Of Google Reader’s Demise
You can add HootSuite to the list of Google Reader alternatives popping up ahead of Google’s shut down of Google Reader on July 1st. The company...
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Digg Reader Rollout Starts Today, iOS App Coming Tomorrow
As announced, today, June 26th, Digg is beginning to roll out their new Digg Reader in beta. The first invites have already gone out to their survey p...
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‘Facebook Reader’ Has Been in the Works for Over a Year [REPORT]
Even before Google announced their decision to shut down Google Reader, Facebook was already hard at work developing a Flipboard-style news reader, ac...
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AOL Reader Revealed, Officially Launches in Beta
After teasing the service last Friday, AOL has begun to give beta access to some users for their new RSS Reader, appropriately titled AOL Reader. Upon...
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AOL Reader Spotted in the Wild, Currently in Private Beta
It looks like AOL is getting ready to throw their hat in the who-wants-to-replace-Google-reader ring. The Next Web discovered – a...
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Digg Reader Beta Launching June 26th, Will Be Free
Digg Reader, Digg’s RSS reader replacement for Google Reader, has been in the works for the past three months – really ever since Google a...
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Could Facebook Be Working on an RSS Reader?
Developer Tom Waddington, who has a history of finding stuff buried in Facebook’s code, has found something there that makes him believe that Fa...
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Google Reader Is Dying Because News Consumption Is Changing
Check your calendars, folks. The beheading of Google Reader is less than a month away. On July 1st, the popular (but not popular enough) RSS reader wi...
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Digg Reader Will Not Be a Standalone App, Launching By the End of June
Digg’s new RSS reader will be out in about a month – but it won’t be a standalone app. Instead, Digg’s new reader will simply ...
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Digg Is Probably Going to Charge for Its Google Reader Replacement
Digg has just published the results of part 2 of their user survey into what makes a good RSS reader. It’s all part of their quest to build a Go...
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In Their Quest to Build a Google Reader Replacement, Digg Finds Users Want Very Little Changed
You definitely know that Google is killing Google Reader. You’ve either seen or been part of the outrage. Google will be officially shuttering t...
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Flipboard Gets A Big Overhaul On iOS With 2.0
Flipboard has launched a big overhaul with version 2.0, which transforms the reading experience to something of a creation/curation experience. Now, i...
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