Google's Slow Poisoning of Google Reader Continues

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Although Google Reader is still up and running smoothly for now, Google is continuing to slowly rid the internet of any traces of its existence.

Reader, which used to be one of the main options on Google's omnipresent black bar menu, is nowhere to be found. Not even in the "more" tab. Google, who previously stated that they would officially kill the product on July 1st, is prepping it for the kill by making it just a little bit harder to access every day.

Last week, we told you that Google Reader had disappeared from the black bar menu inside Gmail and Google+. If you clicked on the "more" tab while on the main Google homepage or on Image search, Google Play, Google Calendar, and all of the other Google products, Google Reader was still a clickable option.

Today we noticed that this is no longer true. No matter what Google product you're currently using, the black bar menu no longer shows any trace of Google Reader.

What is simply frustrating right now is probably for the best. Any inconvenience Google can throw up in the way of you using Google Reader will likely help you out in the long run, maybe force you to go ahead and look for an alternative. But as of now, the only two ways to access Google Reader is to go directly to or just search "reader."

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