Digg Reader Will Not Be a Standalone App, Launching By the End of June

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Digg's new RSS reader will be out in about a month - but it won't be a standalone app.

Instead, Digg's new reader will simply be a part of Digg. Speaking at Internet Week New York, Digg CEO Andrew McLaughlin said that users will ”have one download, which is Digg, and the current Digg will have added onto it reader capabilities.”

Oh, and yes, Digg's reader will be called "Digg Reader."

Ever since Digg announced that they were working on their own reader, shortly after Google announced that they were killing Google Reader, the goal has been to build a replacement - something fast and simple that Google Reader users will want to adopt. Digg has said that apart from making it fast and simple, they really only want to make it synchronous across multiple devices and make it easy to import from existing Google Reader accounts.

Digg's own surveys have shown that users want very little changed about Google Reader.

Another interesting thing that they found was that 40% of respondents said that they would pay for a Google Reader replacement - something that "pleased" them. They went on to say that they wanted their users "“to be customers, not our product.”

"Free products on the Internet don’t have a great track record. They tend to disappear, leaving users in a lurch. We need to build a product that people can rely on and trust will always be there for them. We’re not sure how pricing might work, but we do know that we’d like our users to be our customers, not our product. So when we asked survey participants whether or not they would be willing to pay, we were pleased to see that over 40% said yes."

Although there's no confirmation here, that makes it seem like Digg is at least strongly considering charging for Digg Reader. And if that's the case, and it's not even its own standalone app, is Digg just trying to charge people to use Digg?

Anyway, McLaughlin confirmed that Digg Reader will launch by the end of June, just in time for the Google Reader kill date of July 1st. Hopefully for Digg, that's not too late. By then, users will have had months to find a replacement, and there are certainly plenty out there.

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