FCC Wants New Rules to Combat Spam Robotexts

The FCC is proposing rules that would crack down on spam robotexts, on the heels of similar rules that have targeted spam calls.

Carriers Must Block Other Carriers Not Listed in FCC Robocall Mitigation Database

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is now requiring phone carriers to block other carriers that have not implemented anti-robocall features.

T-Mobile Verizon and AT&T Complete STIR/SHAKEN Implementation

T-Mobile and Verizon have both announced they have fully implemented the STIR/SHAKEN protocol to combat scams, meeting the FCC’s deadline.

FCC Issues Record-Breaking $225 Million Robocall Fine

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued a whopping $225 million fine to two telemarketing firms in Texas.

FCC Cracks Down on Robocalls, Enlists Telcos to Help

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has unveiled new rules cracking down on robocalls, requiring phone companies’ assistance.

FCC: All Calls From Carriers Profiting From Robocalls May Be Blocked

The FCC voted unanimously to adopt a set of rules that would allow all calls from carriers benefiting from robocalls to be blocked.

T-Mobile Takes On Robocalls, Unveils Scam Shield

T-Mobile has unveiled Scam Shield as part of its latest Un-carrier Move, taking on robocalls and scams.

Supreme Court Strengthens Anti-Robocalling Laws

Consumers tired of robocalls can breath a sigh of relief, as the Supreme Court has shored up a law banning the practice.

FCC Moving to Require Carriers to Fight Robocalls

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has unveiled a proposal to require carriers and telephone providers to fight robocalls, after being disappointed some did not voluntarily do so.

T-Mobile, Sprint Working Together to Fight Spoofed Calls

CNET is reporting that T-Mobile and Sprint are working together to combat spoofed calls between their two networks. Call spoofing is a popular tactic scammers use to make their calls seem legitimate. They mask their number, instead showing a number…

Senate Signs Bill to Help Curb Illegal Robocalls

Robocalls have become a plague for the American consumer, with some 54 billion being placed last year alone. Now, according to the International Business Times (IBT), the Senate has unanimously approved House-passed legislation aimed at combatting robocalls. The Pallone-Thune Telephone…

FCC Chairman to Robocallers: This Is Not Going To Stand!

We have emphasized to the Department of Justice that this is one of our top consumer protection priorities. We need you to make this an issue to send a signal to all of the robocallers out there, even the ones who are beyond our shores, that this is not going to stand for America consumers.

Time Warner Cable Owes Woman $229,500 for Nonstop Robocalls

Depending on which survey you look at, Time Warner Cable is either the most-despised or second most-despised company in America. It’s tough to pinpoint why this is. Honestly. I have no idea. But I think I’ve figured it out. Robocalls!…