Ring CEO: I Have No Animosity For the Sharks

Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff has a rags to riches story that most entrepreneurs can only dream of. He was famously turned down on Shark Tank only to later sell his company to Amazon for $1 billion in February. Siminoff says he is now appearing on an upcoming Shark Tank episode.

Jamie Siminoff of Ring – From a SharkTank Reject to an Amazon Success

You’ve all heard the story of Jamie Siminoff, creator of Doorbot, later renamed Ring, who was infamously rejected on national TV on SharkTank, but then went on to create a wildly successful business.

Dodgers’ Brian Wilson Lashes Out at Giants’ CEO Larry Baer

Its been almost a year since the 2012 World Series when the San Francisco Giants came out undefeated over the Detroit Tigers. Before his trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers, relief pitcher, Brian Wilson, was apart of the championship winning…

Bill Parcells Honored with Hall of Fame Ring

Yesterday’s New York Giants game in East Rutherford wasn’t just ‘any given Sunday’ for former NFL coach, Bill Parcells. It was a day of commemoration. The former Giants’ head coach received his Pro Football Hall of Fame ring in an…

Guy Forges Wedding Ring From a Meteorite

As Yahoo News is reporting, a man has forged his wife’s wedding ring out of a meteorite and posted the gallery of its completion on Reddit. The user, laporkenstein, got fed up with the idea of paying thousands of dollars…