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Lady Gaga Goes Diamond Again with Poker Face
Add another prestigious honor to the incredible career of Lady Gaga. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has announced that Lady Gaga...
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New Anti-Piracy Plan: Kindergarten Copyright Class?
The United States’ largest copyright lobbies, the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America, have ...
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The MPAA, RIAA Target Google Again
By now, it’s pretty clear the governing bodies behind the entertainment industry will not be happy unless Google turns over their search engine ...
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Spotify Helps Dramatically Reduce Music Piracy In The Netherlands, Norway
While music piracy may not be the buzzworthy topic it was in the days of Napster and Limewire, an idea given life by the RIAA’s decision to stop...
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SOPA And PIPA Are Not Coming Back
SOPA and PIPA were a major threat to the Internet. Only those in the entertainment industry denied the claim as they pushed for stricter control of th...
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Don’t Expect To Get Your Megaupload Data Back Anytime Soon
Collateral damage is unavoidable in war. A good general tries to keep this to a minimum, however, as the people who have no stake in the fight can onl...
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Are 30 Songs Really Worth $675,000? The Justice System Thinks So
We brought you the story of Joel Tenenbaum back in May. He was facing massive statutory damages at the hands of the RIAA for sharing 30 songs via the ...
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Kim Dotcom’s Megabox Will Launch This Year
Everybody knows about Kim Dotcom by now. The millionaire owner of Megaupload and all its related domains is under fire from the U.S. government. What ...
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YouTube Users File Petition To Allow For The Use Of Third-Party Recording Tools
Should YouTube users be allowed to rip the content they like to their hard drive, much like a person would use a DVR to record a television show of in...
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UK ISP Comes Out Against The Pirate Bay Blockade
It’s been a little over a month since the The Pirate Bay was blocked in the UK due to a court order. The block was meant to cut down on the amou...
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The Pirate Bay Wants To Thank The RIAA For Censorship
It’s no secret that the RIAA and the MPAA want Google and other search engines to stop listing sites like The Pirate Bay in their search results...
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RIAA Inaccurately Criticizes Google’s Transparency
When organizations like the MPAA and the RIAA want to complain about the tech industry not helping with the fight against piracy, inevitably, their fo...
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RIAA Lawsuit Against LimeWire for $72 Trillion Shot Down
It was reported last May that now-defunct P2P file-sharing program LimeWire had settled with the Recording Industry Association of America for $105 mi...
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Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Tenenbaum File-Sharing Case
We reported last week on the efforts of Charles Nesson to have the Supreme Court hear his client’s (Joel Tenenbaum) case. The Supreme Court has ...
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New Center For Copyright Info Set To Start Sinking Pirates Soon
Remember when Google defended itself from any culpability due to “safe-harbor” protection from hosting copyright-infringing material and, ...
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Head Of The RIAA Says ISPs To Implement Anti-Piracy Measures By July 12
Internet service providers are set to start clamping down on illegal file sharing this summer, according to the head of the RIAA. Speaking at the annu...
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Kim Dotcom Says Many MegaUpload Users Are From US Government
When MegaUpload went down in January, there were complaints from many legitimate users of the site saying that their personal files, including files f...
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Spotify and Artists Still Disagree Over Royalties
Spotify and artists are in the midst of a battle of sorts over royalties that each feel is deserved. The thing in question is, how much? How much is a...
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The Pirate Bay: RIAA Is Kid Screaming For Candy
The RIAA and The Pirate Bay are at it again. Both groups have fired at each other over blogs that paint each other in a negative light. Let’s watch ...
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Google May One Day Face Lawsuit From Music Industry
The entertainment industry doesn’t like search engines. They may take that dislike to the next level soon. TorrentFreak is reporting that IFPI wants...
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