Kim Dotcom's Megabox Will Launch This Year

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Everybody knows about Kim Dotcom by now. The millionaire owner of Megaupload and all its related domains is under fire from the U.S. government. What you may not know is that he was working on a project before Megaupload was taken down by the feds. He is now wanting to get that project back on its feet before the end of the year.

The project is called Megabox and it has the potential to change how artists sell their music to fans forever. Some conspiracy theory types even suggest the U.S. government took down Megaupload because the record companies were scared of it. If that was the case, why would they be so scared of Megabox?

In a guest post from Dotcom on TorrentFreak, he describes Megabox as "a site that will soon allow artists to sell their creations direct to consumers and allowing artists to keep 90 percent of their earnings." It uses a service called Megakey that pays artists even for free downloads. It's probably similar to what you see BitTorrent doing now with free music downloads that still pay the artist involved through software advertisements.

Will Megabox actually be as revolutionary as Dotcom thinks it will? We'll find out by the end of the year as he Tweeted out last night that Megabox and Megaupload will be back by the end of the year.

It will be interesting to see the U.S. response to Dotcom starting Megaupload and Megabox back up before his extradition trial starts. The FBI and federal lawyers have been doing everything in their power to stop Dotcom. I can't even begin to imagine what they would do next if he were to start up a new Megaupload.

[h/t: TNW]