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Tag: Rescue

Bear Saves Crow From A Watery Demise
Under the right circumstances, when an animal finds itself in trouble, the hero who steps in and saves it might not be human at all. Instead, another ...
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Man Saves Baby On The Side Of The Highway
An ex-con from Georgia is being hailed as a hero after he saved a 15-month-old little girl, who was crawling on the side of a highway. Bryant Collins,...
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Hawaii Kayaker Attempts Trip To California, Rescued By Coast Guard
A 57-year-old man who attempted to kayak from California to Hawaii was rescued in Santa Barbara, 11 days after he started his journey. According to re...
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Ann Curry Rescued By Boy Scouts After Injury
Last month, television news anchor Ann Curry was hiking in New Jersey when she fell and broke her ankle. Luckily, a group of Boy Scouts, New Jersey...
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‘Miracle on the Hudson’ Remembered 5 Years On
USAirways Flight 1549 landed into the Hudson River five years ago after being struck by birds. Images of passengers exiting the plane are still remini...
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Akademik Shokalskiy Passengers Rescued In Antarctica
After being stuck in ice floes since Christmas Eve, the passengers of the Akademik Shokalskiy have finally been rescued. A team of scientists and pass...
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Alligator Discovered at O’Hare Airport
There’s an old saying which states certain unlikely things will occur whenever pigs fly. While that adynaton has yet to come true, alligators we...
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Woman Trapped on Raised Drawbridge
Pedestrians in Fort Lauderdale, Florida witnessed an unusual incident Saturday morning: A woman in a hot-pink T-shirt clinging to raised, railroad tra...
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Five U.S. Kayakers Rescued in Tajikistan
Five American kayakers who went missing several days ago in Tajikistan have been rescued. A helicopter search team located the men, and they are being...
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Man Rescues His Terrier From Drowning
Best friends are faithful, fun, and always have each other’s backs to defend one another until the very end. This applies whether the best frien...
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Group Lost At Sea Four Days; Survives On Rainwater
It was like the opening theme song montage from Gilligan’s Island, only there was no radio, no hammocks, and no one was laughing. Two Americans,...
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Joe Torre: Daughter Saves Falling Baby
Former Major League Baseball (MLB) all-star and longtime Yankees manager Joe Torre is well-known for his skill on the field. It’s clear now that...
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Warehouse Captive Rescued by NYPD
Earlier this week, the Queens County District Attorney announced that three men have been charged with kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment in connect...
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WWE Star Saves Mom From Burning House
Wrestling stars are known for their large bodies and intimidating monologues, but one former WWE star demonstrated this week that he is able to come t...
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Whale Hits Boat: California Man Rescued After Bizarre Accident
Whale hits boat, boat takes on water. Man is in the boat. Our man. Chances are, he’s going to need a bigger boat. All apologies to Steven Spielb...
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Newark Mayor Rescues Woman in Fire
Newark, NJ mayor Cory Booker is the man. Thursday night, Booker was returning home from a television interview. He happened upon a house on fire. Some...
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Facebook Post Results in Hostage Rescue
While there are millions of Facebook users around the world, it’s doubtful any of them feel as thankful for the platform’s existence than ...
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