WWE Star Saves Mom From Burning House

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Wrestling stars are known for their large bodies and intimidating monologues, but one former WWE star demonstrated this week that he is able to come to the rescue outside of the ring as well.

TMZ is reporting that Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters, born Christopher Mordetzky, saved his mother from her burning house this week.

The report states that a "neighbor" had barricaded himself in the house, threatening to burn down the house if anyone came in. Masters called the police, which caused the man to make good on his threat.

As the house began to burn, Masters, according to TMZ, uprooted a "tree" and used it to break one of the house's windows, from which his mother was able to escape. Police then entered the house and apprehended the arsonist.

Masters Tweeted about the incident in the days following his rescue:

Masters began wrestling for the WWE in 2005, though he returned to the independent circuit in 2007 for violating the organization's substance abuse policy. He returned to the WWE briefly in 2009, but was released from his contract in 2011.

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