Hawaii Kayaker Attempts Trip To California, Rescued By Coast Guard

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A 57-year-old man who attempted to kayak from California to Hawaii was rescued in Santa Barbara, 11 days after he started his journey.

According to reports, the man had all the things he needed to complete his journey including electronic equipment and solar panel technology to charge his equipment. However, the solar panel failed and left him without electricity. The Coast Guard said that they received a distress call from the man on Tuesday, saying that he was disoriented.

After the solar panel malfunctioned, the man decided to turn around and head back to California, but couldn’t find his way back.

The Coast Guard’s helicopter spotted the man about 60 miles southwest of Santa Barbara. The officials gave directions to a boat that rescued the man.

Timothy Hall, Petty Officer 2nd Class at the Coast Guard Long Beach command center said, “A voyage from California to Hawaii is a long and treacherous journey for any vessel and exponentially more dangerous for a kayaker.” The fact that he had all the equipment he needed enabled him to call for help, but the man is lucky to be alive.

The man’s friend told the Coast Guard that he left Monterey in a kayak on May 30 to attempt traveling 2,400 miles to Honolulu.

Adam Eggers, the Coast Guard’s spokesman, said that he has never heard of a kayaker successfully travelling from California to Hawaii. “It’s a no-joke trip. You have to know what you’re doing and be in shape to do it,” he said.

Reports said that the man was not too disappointed that he was not able to complete his journey. He was found in good health.

“He can attempt it again at his convenience, as long as he’s checking the weather and things like that,” Eggers said. The next time he does it, he may have more luck on his side.

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